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The maintenance that temperamental couplet uses instrument and maintain
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Temperamental couplet can be regarded with appearance is the combination that appearance of color atlas of capillary column gas phase adds quality detector. The issue that it often gives also is both addition.

The operation that we use appearance itself to temperamental couplet is to change commonly column and clean ionic source, most problem also is be operated by this two paces and come. Their mainest show is flat and the vacuumize that cause is abnormal. The seat that gives an issue depends on capillary column entering the sealing ring when the interface of mass spectra antrum and mass spectra housing open the door.

The port that capillary column enters mass spectra antrum is sealed and lax

Need an attention have: 1, the length impropriety in extending mass spectra antrum, too long or too short be no good.
2, washerbed down the livestock wants degree of tightness appropriate, too loose meeting has flat hidden trouble, can crush too closely washerbed down the livestock.

After housing opening when cleaning ionic source sealed and lax:

The sealing ring on the door (of insular ferry is the door, an Jielun's is a lid) the hair that goes up to wanted to touch little naked eye to cannot be aware of only or wool can be caused flat. What handle the demand on the book commonly at this moment is to wear nylon glove cleanness, but it is very important when this ionic to processing source, but to processing sealing ring, the effect that does not wear a glove is better. The reason is on the hand how many meeting has a few oil, should wipe along sealing ring only on circuit, remove the effect of wool effectively. And these grease leave add heat source far, with ionic source far also, belong to macromolecule basically organic matter, do not have an influence to detecting.

When operating mass spectra at ordinary times, should aerate to be in and below airproof circumstance, how long vacuum is spent how much can achieve to have roughly numeric concept standard. If change column or after cleaning ionic source, the rate of vacuumize is apart from than making the same score time difference too far, whether is be about to consider first the problem with undeserved and flat installation, drop in temperature some earlier close machine processing.

Solvent defer is the concept that detector of other gas phase does not have, if forget the solvent defer time with reasonable setting, can cause serious harm to filament, this is the mistake that mass spectra abecedarian often makes.

Another behaviour that causes serious consequence possibly is: Did not wait for thermal drop to be torn open with respect to rapid move to room temperature machine tear open ionic source, once had happened to be torn open when heat up machine, cold assemble the case that does not go back later.

In experimental state field, still basically pollute a problem. The mouth that take shape and the processing that column pollutes and common gas phase are consistent, as to mass spectra detector, generally speaking, the pollution of 80 % above is in ionic cause share. We need constant to the voltage after tuning attention, lift certain level is about to consider to whether want to clean ionic source, and 4 extremely staff share need not be moved commonly, also had better not want to be moved by the user.
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