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Amortize salt is used undeserved the influence to chromatographic column
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Often need to use amortize salt to adjust in process of color atlas analysis the PH value of photograph of going from place to place, of amortize salt undeserved use pair of chromatographic column to may cause column to press effect of elevatory, column to drop and make the reservation time of compound produces the effect such as change:
1) column pressing is elevatory;
Amortize salt is used undeserved bring about amortize salt separate out, jam the hole between board of a place of strategic importance and bond photograph grain, according to legend of block up flow is qualitative, cause column pressing to lift.
2) the reservation time of identical compound produces change;
Reason: If was not rinsed clean,undertake taking shape, the salt that contains inside chromatographic column can make the reservation time of compound produces change.
3) column effect drops;
Meeting infiltration goes to salt of I some amortize in bond photograph, damage silica gel matrix, cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of photograph of chromatographic column bond, column bed becomes loose, column effect drops; Ii condenses in bond photograph surface, make C18 carbon catenary is extended hard, to corporeal reservation ability drops, bring about column effect to drop. Because this has used the need after amortize salt to undertake rinsing to chromatographic column, special bring to sb's attention answers when chroma of salt of the amortize in water is bigger.