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The day sees trouble usually eliminate
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The adjustment of 5. optical system
(Show staff position is incorrect on 1) screen. If rear sight slants in the position of screen,go up, slant to fall or exceed screen, can come back move the screw by screen, adjust the position of illuminator, make rear sight falls on screen fitly.
(2) is small electric bead is not bright. Check power source above all, whether be power cut or fuse are burned, all solder contact on reexamination balance, whether wired head falls off phenomenon. Thrum is not had fall off, check the contact on balance motherboard to nod. Normal circumstance, when balance is shut, two contacts nod departure, circuit is illogical; When balance open, two contacts dot is touched, circuit puts through. Be like above circumstance all normal, can check bulb and transformer to whether damage.

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