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The day sees trouble usually eliminate
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1. hanger falls off or slant side
Hanger falls off, because a long time leaves, Guan Tianping is caused too quickly, hanger on gently relay, can use. Put like hanger flabby, the left and right sides slants side, also can cause fall off. Can use pointed mouth pincers, small pillar of horizontal bracket endmost lower screw is loosened, towards the left of will small pillar or move right, screw again after screw, have a test, till slant no longer till side. If hanger around is jumpy, can use batch of rod to insert the roll in aperture of small pillar upside, adjust till the height to small pillar is identical.
2. dish hold impropriety of on any account in the palm
Dish hold in the palm exorbitant, when shutting balance, the pan of a steelyard is raised up, cause hanger to fall off sometimes; Dish had taken off low, after shutting balance, the pan of a steelyard still swings freely. Can get off the pan of a steelyard, take out dish hold in the palm, adjust dish hold in the palm below the position of the screw on lever in order to change dish hold height in the palm to come appropriate.
3. finger is jumpy
When crossbeam is held in the palm, if the blade of fulcrum pivot and knife fill up an around distance to differ, criterion when open balance, meeting generation finger is jumpy, can loosen the screw before horizontal bracket left arm, twist with the hand next adjust the height of small pillar, till pressing with a finger beats no longer. <4. Balance swings suffocate suffocate
Balance swings the reason of suffocate suffocate is as follows:
(1) dish hold card in the palm to live cannot drop. Get off the pan of a steelyard, take out dish hold in the palm, after using dry cloth or dry paper rub-up, the engine oil on besmear, install all right again use.
(Damper of 2) inside and outside is touched or have slight attrition.
① checks balance to whether be in horizontal condition;
② basis " left one right 2 " principle, look inside damper is wrong put;
③ observes damper of inside and outside from balance coping the space all around, be like size not divide evenly, should get off the pan of a steelyard and hanger, will inside damper turns 180 ° retry with.
④ is like afore-mentioned adjustment to disable, can take care ground unscrew is fixed outside the screw of damper, carry an observation on the head from balance, less than damper is a standard, the position of the damper outside shift, till damper of inside and outside chafes no longer, screw screw.
4. index dish malfunction
Be opposite first good index dish reading position, screw screw. If hang the malfunction of rise and fall of link up with of weight used on a balance, get off index dish the outer garment from the back, the engine oil on drop; If screw loosens, screw screw; Be like an index dish reading and the weight that add not conform to, can loosen prejudicial annulus screw, rotate in order to change prejudicial annulus after the position, screw screw again.
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