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The maintenance of telescope and maintain measure
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The 1 management that must take instrument equipment seriously and use
The high load capacity of instrument equipment is used, often incidental accident breakdown, especially if telescope is mixed because of safeguarding use undeserved and have fog, with respect to the normal effect that cannot produce an instrument, and the barrier that brings the job to go up. So efficient maintenance manages instrument equipment to already was become current enterprise or business the unit reduces cost effectively, raise the significant step of labor productivity. At present domestic company equipment safeguards management to still stay in mode of passive exercise of rush to repair commonly, malfunction when instrument equipment namely, when cannot continueing to use, maintenance technician just is inside the shortest time trouble removal, and when malfunctioning, maintenance technician is disengaged only, so such administrative pattern is not to talk to go up of efficiency, accordingly, the management of instrument equipment also should make good plan, the working translate into that similar device safeguards management to also need a blame to plan a gender plans sexual job.
If our periodic examination maintains,come the happening of bring down breakdown, the " that makes good instrument especially 3 defend " work, shun job of rush to repair, make sure the instrument can throw normal effect at any time, this is a kind of active means.
2 attentions of mapping instrument prevent mist
Mapping instrument is being used and lay aside is put in, besides having mildew appearance, often return those who have optical part to have fog, use what affect an instrument normally, reason can be believed in the light of optics implement the main factor that removes mist, adopt avoid measure.
2. The reason of the mist since 1 telescope reachs his to endanger
Mist is to point to the polishing face of optical spare parts to go up, present a " dew like " material, these material have a plenty of oleaginous drop to form, call oily mist, have a plenty of what remove chemical reaction to form deposit to form by drip or water and glass, call mist of ability in swimming: On some optical spare partses, two kinds of mist have, call water oily mixture mist, general with " dew " shape or glass of dry deposit consist in apparently. Oily mist distributings normally be in the brim of yuan of form optics spare parts, and to central elongate, some criterion edge wipes a trace to distributing, the formation of oily mist basically is grease polluted vitreous surface, or as a result of,be of grease diffuse, volatilize to condense and be caused in vitreous surface, the complementary material that cleans place of optical spare parts to use for instance contains fat the volume is high, the tool that perhaps uses contains oil, take directly with finger take and touch optical spare parts, can cause oily mist, the chemical stability that oil perhaps uses on telescope is bad, generation diffuses or use a method undeserved and oiled overmuch, grease diffuses to go up and cause oily mist to optical spare parts, or because appearance grease is volatile very big, can produce oleaginous steam and form oily mist, still have a plenty of when cleaning metalworking spare parts with benzine, did not make benzine sufficient be developed clean, oiled assemble. Return some to put dirt fat besmear to be inside lens body with benzine dilute, as the change of the growth of time and temperature, these benzine reach contains other component, volatilize to go up and form oily mist to optical spare parts gradually.
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