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Should in use notice appearance of gas phase color atlas what element?
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Place of appearance of gas phase color atlas asks to be in with gas source purity 99.99 % above. Current, a lot of handlers ask to different detector the problem of purity of different spirit source did not cause enough attention, in using, likely because enrage source purity insufficient and bring about detector to detect be restricted the line does not stabilize Gaojuji. What be 98 % with purity for example is hydric the source of gas burning gas that regards hydrogenous blaze ionization as detector, in 10 of detector4MΩ sensitivity is blocked on when using, because the likelihood is hydric purity is insufficient (contain the flammability gas) such as methane, bring about base line serious and flabby, seem to have the summit that does not give forever. If carrier gas purity is not tall, justice when containing minim oxygen, will affect the life of capillary column.

(3) air current is proportional choice To issueing detector of hydrogenous blaze ionization, need N2-H2-Air blaze, oxygen boosting blaze should is after igniting, namely air should excessive, in order to assure hydric and complete combustion, the optimal scale of 3 kinds of gas is N2: H2=1: (0.85 ~ 1) , air: H2=(6 ~ 8) : 1 or empty tolerance is bigger. Here the condition falls, detector sensitivity tall, stability is good, the mensurable and corrective factor that make is reliable.
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