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Of chromatographic column repair
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Chromatographic column has certain life, it and analyse sample situation and safeguard a circumstance to have immediate concern. Column life finished basically indicates is fixed fluid prediction of a person's luck in a given year too much and lost detached ability, column canal jams and rupturing also is the cause that causes column invalidation. Having is just make chromatographic column loses detached ability because of the adsorption of compound of polarity of a few low-test, can undertake clean and be repairinged to its at this moment. Specific measure is post of the ageing below preexistence high temperature, use carrier gas to rinse contaminant, be like post still irreclaimable, go up from the instrument debus post, post bite off 10cm or longer (post is the easiest be polluted) , install mount to check again. This is commonly used column function restores measure. If still do not act well, can inject repeatedly again solvent undertakes cleaning, commonly used dissolvent is ordinal mix for acetone, toluene, alcohol, chloroform 2 chloric toluene. Can enter appearance 5~10ul every time. This one method often be successful. If chromatographic column performance is bad still, have debus post only, rinse with 2 chloric firedamp or chloroform. The method of usable vacuumize solvent from another end inspiratory, the method that also can use pair of solvent bottle pressurization presses solvent. The dosage of solvent is decided according to the contaminative degree of post, general 20ml is controlled. If law of this one party still does not act well, explain chromatographic column should discard as useless. Need explains. The post that secures fluid cross-linking only just can use this law to clean, can wash fixed fluid entirely otherwise.

Because accident reason broke off the chromatographic column with very good function,the accident that we are willing to see least of all is. The chromatographic column that ruptures at this moment can be used as short chromatographic column admittedly, is Dan Reneng “ broken point to received ” to you can not reduce a loss again? There is commodity column connector to sell on the market, to the price tallish, actually we also can use one cut glass to be in charge of join to break column. The vitreous pipe that uses clean already pulls a paragraph of thin tube on gaslight, the internal diameter among pipe is close to Yu Zhu external diameter, the internal diameter of two end is more than pipe column external diameter. Provide the post that break off two end to insert from glass so, till two upright butt joints, fill in the space of vitreous canal and chromatographic column again on get together acyl inferior amine bind agent, the post after solidify is good with respect to join. Function of such join rear pillar can have certain fall, but still can use. The key of join stand or fall is the external diameter that a paragraph internal diameter should is close to among vitreous canal or is equal to chromatographic column. The end panel that still has post wants cut orderly, make butt joint of two end panel is together as far as possible.
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