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The use of vitreous instrument, safeguard with clean standard operating rules
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1. purpose
Build operating sequence of the use of instrument of a glass, clean standard, make unit process of cargo bandling is standardized.

2. duty
Quality ministry QC is in charge of this file draft, the member that quality ministry reachs QC identifier is in charge of this standard carry out.

3. limits
This standard applies to the use of vitreous instrument, cleanness.

4.1 measuring implement kind
4.1.1 glass measuring implement cannot heat and be heated, cannot thick acid of keep in storage or thick alkaline, when using, should undertake by concerned provision.
4.1.2 graduate and measuring glass are used at the quantity to take the solution with chroma and bulk very not accurate requirement, the line of sight when reading wants with graduate (or measuring glass) inside place of lowest of solution concave side maintains a level.
4.1.3 capacities bottle is used at making up chroma bulk to ask accurate solution or the ration that make solution are attenuant. Bottle stopper should form a complete set, sealing is good, its should be checked before using slack, make up or when attenuant solution, when answering to be close to graticule in solution, with burette slowly drop the point of concave side lowest that is increased to solution and graticule are tangent. Capacity bottle cannot long lay aside solution, especially alkalescent solution.
4.1.4 burette are the more accurate instrument that when titration is analysed, uses, use at measuring the volume that uses solution in titration, constant burette distributes acerbity type and alkaline form two kinds. Its should be checked before using slack, the chroma that loads burette standard to assure not by dilute, catharsis of this standard fluid should be used 3 times before installing standard fluid, standard fluid after replete burette, although,should discharge bottom bleb, the line of sight when reading should maintain a level with place of lowest of solution concave side.
4.1.5 move it is certain that fluid canal is used at accurate move the liquid of bulk, constant moves fluid canal has scale straw and fat abdomen straw. When using, move abluently fluid canal should be used absorb fluid catharsis 3 times, when putting liquid, should make liquid nature is poured out of, after flowing, maintain move fluid canal is perpendicular, container tilts 45. , berth 15s, move do not have on fluid canal " blow " the remain when model of written characters need not be blown at the liquid of nozzle, but move have on fluid canal " blow " when model of written characters, need to will remain to be blown at the liquid of nozzle.
4.2, the catharsis of the instrument asks to wash decontamination to dirty not only, still ask to cannot introduce any ion that disturb a gender at the same time.
4.2.1 abluent degree can check by laxative remedy commonly: Add water in household utensils, bend goes after water, implement even ground adheres to on the wall film of a water, both neither gets together water, also won't do flow, it is namely abluent.
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