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The instrument maintains experience and principle
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1.Repeat breakdown personally (if can repeat) , of not credulous user or a third party nuncupative or report.
Careful observation, of not credulous user nuncupative, especially the report of a third party. Some handlers the responsibility for him evade, can say him instrument is abrupt. . . , him whats were moved, etc. These are understandable. The engineer wants meeting appropriate processing.

2.First exterior, hind in-house.
Do not open housing easily, be judged without the abecedarian and eliminate to like to spread the way that booth is not veteran absolutely. The hope opens housing where to see have the place of line or apparent breakdown, it is purely in try one's luck, although lucky impossible also every time such. Having 50% trouble about is wait by external environment or operation, cleanness cause. If whether closed machine time to grow? Difference in temperature of day and night whether very big? Whether does the position that the instrument sets leave elevator very close? What instrument is there still near the instrument using? Is computer setting proper? Etc.

3.First power source, hind lead plane; First accessory, hind lead plane.
Should check power source first laden whether overweight, ground wire the accessory such as electrode is whether good, good wait whether correctly with normal, each interface.

4.Make full use of all sorts of key-press on instrument face plate, indication screen and operation or maintenance program, make some eliminate, this need is familiar with a structure extremely. (important step)

5.Structure of personnel of the operation habit that understands an user, operation and level, condition of section office economy also can have very great help to maintenance. If can conclude,cleanness maintains how, whether to have the idea that is about to renew (otherwise no matter how be repaired won't come to an agreement or understanding) etc.

6.Do not change easily yuan of parts of an apparatus on original instrument and bat, conduit, because data of some yuan of parts of an apparatus and bat, software is relevant. More cannot * keeps changing bat and component to narrow breakdown source, enrol one laborer to teach otherwise religion meet namely (this kind of person that maintain is at present most) .

7.When necessary instrument or engineer should assume responsibility, back " black boiler " . If responsibility is in section office or the person that use, later more difficult contact with. Stem from all sorts of purposes, also can appear: Somebody installs breakdown intentionally. Best: Jie Ling still must fasten bell person! Otherwise very beautiful time.