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About a few knowledge that gas phase color atlas safeguards
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Enter appearance to should note a problem
The pinhead that the hand does not want to take injector and have sample place, do not have bubble (slow, fast eduction wants to be sucked again slow when attracting kind, relapse a few times, fission of ministry of pinhead of 10ul injector metal accumulates 0.6ul, bleb also cannot see, suck 1-2ul more injector coping goes to drive needle lever to eliminate bleb again on the bleb on pinpoint face, (point to 10ul injector, take fuse injector to make the same score a feeling) the speed that take shape wants fast (but not easy express) , carry same rate into appearance every time, pinpoint to vaporizer mid begin inject sample.

Install chromatographic column
1. installation disassembles chromatographic column must fall in normal temperature.
2. packed column has chuck sealed with spacer sealed, chuck cent is planted, metallic chuck, plastic chuck, black lead chuck, what twist not easily is too close when installation. Spacer type is sealed should change new spacer by outfit chromatographic column every time (insular ferry color atlas is spacer sealed) .
Whether has both ends of 3. chromatographic column filled in with vitreous cotton. Prevent vitreous cotton and filling to be blown in detector by carrier gas.
4. capillary chromatographic column installs insertion length to should be decided according to the manual of the instrument, structure of different color atlas vaporizer is different, insert the length that take to also differ so. If you use capillary chromatographic column,use what need a specification not billabong, vaporizer uses packed column interface to join with vaporizer at this moment capillary column cannot explore is entered too much, exceed chuck slightly can.
Hydric with the airy scale influence to FID detector
Hydric answer with airy scale 1: 10, when hydric proportion is too large the sensitivity of FID detector drops quickly, below the circumstance with other when use color atlas changeless condition, sensitivity drops want check to look up hydric with air velocity of flow. Hydric one when “ phut ” gives out when with air a kind of gas is not worth ignition, subsequently with respect to put out a fire, ignite when you report is worn commonly destroy, nod again still wear destroying again subsequently is hydric quantity inadequacy.

Use TCD detector
1. is hydric the tail gas when making carrier gas must be discharged outdoor.
2. nitrogen does carrier gas bridge to flow cannot set big, hydriccer than using when want many small.
3. did not connect carrier gas to cannot flow to the bridge, before after bridge shedding wants to be stabilized in instrument temperature, beginning to make appearance, be in.
Judge FID detector to whether be nodded catch fire
Different instrument judges a method to differ, have base stream those who show look base shed size, not base stream those who show move close to detector exit with the spanner that takes polishing side, observe its surface has anhydrous steam to condense.
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