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About a few issues that gas phase color atlas uses
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● raises a few kinds of methods that depart spends
It is OK that 1. increases column to grow increase depart to spend.
2. reduces the amount that take shape (solid sample increases dissolve dosage) .
3. raises the technology that take shape to prevent to be caused twice into appearance.
4. reduces carrier gas velocity of flow.
5. drops chromatographic column temperature.
6. raises vaporizer temperature.
7. reduces dead volume of the system, if chromatographic column join wants to insert,reach the designated position, do not divide inpour appearance to want to choose not billabong structure vaporizer.
8. capillary chromatographic column wants billabong, choose appropriate billabong to compare.
The place on put together appeals to should fumble in the experiment according to particular case, reduce carrier gas velocity of flow for instance, reduce chromatographic column temperature to be able to make chromatographic peak broadens again, because this should see chromatographic peak model will change a condition. Ultimate goal is it is good to achieve depart, time giving a summit is fast.

How does ● decide whether ageing chromatographic column is complete?
FID detector suits to be used at detecting most the base line when chromatographic column ageing. In warm up the extreme of the program (exemple the) when be being spent under 30-40 of upper limit of constant temperature temperature, base line will be elevatory, next base line drops gradually smooth, can think chromatographic column ageing is finished right now. Although the report thinks to should use the detector of a few types (exemple ECD, when MS) , can pollute detector, but say always, it is safe that chromatographic column join has chromatographic column ageing on detector, can not pollute detector.
Attention: Do not chromatographic column of ageing of pass the night.
When chromatographic column is in high temperature, column life drops quickly. If 2 hours exceed to still have many post prediction of a person's luck in a given year when chromatographic column ageing, reach chromatographic column refrigeration room temperature, identify origin of post prediction of a person's luck in a given year if: Aerobic infiltration, lie between mat is flat the hangover with instrument itself.
If chromatographic column places period of time to was not used, so that drive away chromatographic column to save the contaminant that deposit of the condensation in the process comes down,can have process of gentle chromatographic column ageing.

● sample remain detects small doohickey!
Of microscope of park of sample of 1. general 20-30ul carry Bo piece on
2. general glass piece the GC with hot park enters the 20min on appearance mouth
3. takes glass piece look to light, if can see droplet place has pron any thing, the sample that shows you has remain.

● protects column
Protecting column is canal of quartz of a paragraph of melt, use contact to join to the front that analyses column, protective column has the following feature:
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