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The instrument upholds basic regulation
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1. regulation

Gave trouble when the system, you are OK p reaper ground changes certain position, can change a parameter.
2. compares regulation 2 times
Had made clear breakdown to be in before moving hand overhaul, perhaps had defined the program that resolves trouble. In other words, pair of understanding had searched before starting work definitely method. For example, the peak value that discovers internal standard content in the process that take shape becomes low, can repeat look into appearance see repeatability how, if be to become low accidentally, whether be mensurable bubble was entered in the canal. This regulation can be used at inspecting the condition after the system is changed. The stability of the stable circumstance that changed to flow to be able to enter standard items twice to retain time in order to check before taking shape formally backward and chromatographic peak. If appeared,be in in gradient wash out redundant peak, can you carry gradient wash out for nothing (have a problem really? ) , with this regulation can avoid needless change, correct measure certainly as soon as possible.
3. replaces regulation
Change next doubtful parts with good part, it is the best method that searchs breakdown. If you suspect detector caused noise, change a function not to have detector of rotor vulcanization appearance well. If breakdown was eliminated, the detector that changes with respect to the specification has a problem. The dimensions of this regulation application has have greatly small, can from change whole assembly to arrive change presswork the collect on circuit board is agglomerate.
4. changes a regulation
This regulation and replace regulation to be applied together, good part replaced rate of dissolve body flow to determine the circumstance after doubtful component did not receive gift improvement, answer to change original part afresh. The upkeep costs that such doing is the smallest, the component keep long in stock that also prevented to had been used comes down not to have rotor vulcanization appearance. This regulation applies to onefold breakdown only. Change a principle not to apply to the following circumstance:
(1) in get off stylish component already damaged (the static seal that be like pump) ;
(2) component price is low (filter of the liner that be like column) ;
(3) the venture that new mount original part wants to risk damage;
(4) the component that changes regularly.
5. reference condition regulation
Have two kinds of reference condition normally: ① standard reference condition; ② experiment reference condition.
Standard reference condition also calls a standard experiment condition, be arrive from a system another system, arrive from a lab another lab easily the condition of test and verify. The data that measures with this condition place conduces to identify the problem between practical test and system. If systematic pressure falls to lift in some experiment condition, and it is normal that pressure falls in standard condition. Rate of flow of body of this specification dissolve determines appearance system is caused by the metabolic place of the lab unusually. Next watches were listed enable new chromatographic column yes standard experiment condition, the condition also can experiment to examine systematic case with this standard in using a process.
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