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The choose and buy of testing instrument, equipment wants a place
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1. decides standard of what be adoptioned by check object detects
Mark of our country active check is accurate (HB of mark of JB of mark of GB GB, ministry, travel) , and international standard ISO or beautiful mark ASMI are waited a moment.
2. uses what method to detect certainlyA) has damage (take by check article part or make its metabolic detects method, detect precision is tall; Detect rate is slow) : Chemical analysis, physics experiments. B) nondestructive (right method be detectinged by check article scatheless, detect precision is relatively low; Detect rate is rapid) : Ray, sound wave, electromagnetism, permeate, lens photograph.
3. sensor chooses
Sensor: Can show the volume transition that should detect into us, computation or the component that can input other machine, detect precision basically depends on it.
4. detects precision, suitable scope
Through by check article the biggest measure with the smallest check, union 1, 2, decide 3 times 3. Pick the most adjacent sensor precision and limits cost, this value takes big prevailing prices tall.
5. detects the performance/price ratio of the product
Product function much technology is new, the price is high also. (function / price) gotten result will judge, the cost is high good. Electronic product updates cycle weak point, unfavorable buy very new flexible technology (flexible technology: Operation interface, sense is good, precision is changeless) .
6. detects the standardization of the product
National regulation, the device of metric testing instrument that using should adopt a standard metric appraisal (almanac) .
7. detects product after service
To having life detect equipment and instrument, want very the commitment that the attention is maintained and renews.
8. detects product service life, fragile supply
Nature of extent of component of ray happening parts of an apparatus, electronic vacuum parts of an apparatus, mechanical wear, lens is corroded
9. detects the user of the product group
User heterogeneous is stable to the product, spare parts maintenance is convenient.
10. is other
Product agency wants reliable.