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Newest achievement information: Appearance of color atlas of GC9800 network gas
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Product characteristic:
1, used the 10/100M aether network with advanced technology communication interface, the long-range control that does not get distance limitation to realize pair of instruments and long-range data transmit processing or superintend, offer easily the intranet of unifinication and Internet solution, can go to the lavatory link unit officer and ranking administration director, facilitating director is superintended in real time. Can receive manufacturer home repeatedly through Internet, implementation is diagnosed remotely, long-range program is updated etc;
2, the workstation that color atlas appearance deploys can support job of appearance of much stage color atlas to realize data processing and recriminate at the same time, reduced the investment of the lab, simplified the management of documentation;
3, instrument design is time start a program oneself, complete online analysis easily;
4, the buy inside color atlas appearance is tall resolution AD circuit, have the function that base line memory, base line deducts;
5, design of color atlas appearance has USB interface, support general USB printer to print table chart and analytic result, and back data of Chu Putu of U take inventory, file in order to have in the future, of serious analysis with;
6, brand-new personal computer temperature controls a system, accuse lukewarm precision tall, dependability and interference rejection performance are superior; The temperature that has 6 complete independence controls a system, can come true 8 rank the program warms up; Have post the system opens the door after box is automatic, litre / drop in temperature rate is rapid;
7, the operating system of clavier of control of whole personal computer, the operation is simple, convenient; Detector is designed to identify a technology automatically inside machine; Have breakdown to diagnose and the function that data protects;
8, have Shuang Zhushuang to enrage a road, can install 3 to take shape implement with 2 detector; Very realize packed column to take appearance, large line of action conveniently the transition that capillary column takes appearance and billabong of small-bore capillary column to take shape directly; Optional match billabong / do not distribute inpour kind implement, gas takes type a powerful person, change furnace, hot (crack) solution implement, the top takes shape for nothing implement, hot analytic device;
9, have constant and hydric ignition system, the high repeatability that implementation ignites around nitrogen, hydrogen is compared.