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New-style and automatic into appearance implement SAC850/950 appears on the mark
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Radiometer Analytical 2008 year new roll out two to take shape automatically implement -- SAC850/950, not only can efficient implementation is many the automation of sample preparation, still can strengthening a few sample is the result reappearance of individual sample even, make output more reliable as a result. In the meantime, still saved time, space and labor power for you.

SAC850 and SAC950 take shape automatically implement with appearance of titrate of TitraLab series potential or MeterLab series when use consecutively of PH plan, electrical conductivity appearance, ion plan, very undertake diversity tastes successive PH, PX, electrical conductivity to measure conveniently reach potential titrate.

Compact model design, adaptability is strong
Compact design, compatible a variety of detachable moving sample cup dial, save a space further. Need not special sample cup, optional choose bulk is the standard glass of 25400ml or other sample cup.
The wireless radio frequency of buy identifies a technology inside (RFID) remember character of all and opposite geometry, can identify the sample cup dial of new setup instantly, and need not set program of sample cup dial afresh. Gently circumgyrate shift and rate of Gao Xuan rotate speed make sure sample cup runs surely quickly switch.

Agile, but process designing
Sample measures order to be able to need according to the user, undertake process designing through specific grand command by software of TitraMaster 85 titrate, implement automation completely. Set assumes cycle starts pump or can begin / the function that stops agitate, or undertake sending with peripheral equipment or accept TTL statement, await one specific temperature to arrive.

Fast, efficient
Powerful dynamic gush drenchs clean character and high flow pump, the iteration of electrode bracket is perpendicular and mobile, and gush drenchs systematic mechanical movement makes clear lotion body reachs burette to electrode from each directional gush, assure to clean electrode and burette thoroughly quickly, and pollute without sample across, measure an outcome more accurate, reappearance is taller.

Safe, clean
Distinctive card markets a design, secure accessory of etc of electrode, burette in specific locally, assured experimental security. All pipeline and electrode lead are OK apace from fixed embed locally or carry away.
Among them, SAC950 includes 3 outside accept sample cup position (among them 2 decide a head to clean with Yu Di / adjust, 1 is used at anchor) , all sample cup positions in assuring to use rotary table completely, increase the amount of disposal of samples of every loop.