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The standard of scanner of color atlas of layer of choose and buy
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1, ration allows to forbid, have without repeatability?

This requirement is the basiccest, did not use value at all otherwise. Company of Shanghai family wise man spent a lot of effort to pass this technology camp, scanner of color atlas of newest model KH-3000 layer reachs the level that imports a product, provide truly credible data for the user, accord with pharmacopoeia requirement completely.
2, use easily whether simply, learn easily?
This demand is very actual, it is major of basic level personnel level of knowledge, English is more fragile, importing a product is English operation environment, use personnel masters an operation slower, appear special situation is very unmanageable, make the utilization rate of the instrument very low, the product of company of Shanghai family wise man has complete Chinese interface, all operations all are finished on computer. Adroitness can be achieved completely in a week.
3, maintain cost tall? Is the service convenient?
The fittings that imports a product is more expensive, after service personnel is less, response is slower, the problem response that company of Shanghai family wise man appears to the client is quick, solve seasonable, the client can be at ease choose and buy.
4, is the price expensive? Can you bear?
This problem is very real also, do same a thing, why should spend more money? The product result of company of family wise man is right the company save money that can be you, why to buy one station?