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Miniature vavuum pump makes the issue that the type selecting when the object is
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The industry such as appearance of scientific research, medical treatment, lab, instrument often should use miniature pump to undertake object adsorption, but miniature pump has bleed of pump of loop of gas of pump of sampling of miniature vavuum pump, gas, miniature, miniature to encourage a variety of forms such as amphibious pump, specific this how Where is type selecting?
Use miniature vavuum pump at the object is adsorptive, it is to use pump to be opposite actually object of the grip after sucking disk vacuumize, accordingly, must choose the miniature vavuum pump on real significance, wait for series product like VAA, PK, PC, VCA, VCH, PH (detailed sees: Http://www.weichengkj.com/Products.htm) , and cannot choose aeriform sampling pump.
How to calculate the pump force of miniature vavuum pump and computational formula request an audience: Http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/34492043.html

1. is spent besides consideration vacuum, consider the sucking disk area that is linked together with pump even, what carry because of odd bleed relying on pump is tracheal and easy flat, so general object adsorption should use sucking disk to maintain vacuum.

2. should look is adsorption of object of which kinds of means
(1) perpendicular adsorption

If be pump in object of upper part adsorption, this kind of way is the simplest.
Basically be the gravity of object of pump force antagonism that pump offers, the object weight that needs to know you and the sucking disk area that are about to use (show the effective interface with object be suctioned accumulates) ,
* of intensity of pressure of pump of pump force = contacts an area to get
(Unit: Kilogram force, and the vacuum that pump intensity of pressure is 0.01*(100- vavuum pump is spent (absolutely pressure) ) get, the unit is kilogram of force / square centimeter, interface accumulates an unit: Square centimeter)

Type selecting principle:
Below this kind of circumstance, the acetabulum of same area,
If ① is adsorptive the object is lighter, can choose PK5008(http://www.weichengkj.com/PK.htm):&Nbsp;F=0.01*(100-50)*1=0.5Kgf/cm2 Namely every square centimeter can mention 0.5 kilograms;

If ② is medium weight, optional PH2506B, PC3025N(http://www.weichengkj.com/PC.htm):&Nbsp;
F1=0.01*(100-25)*1=0.75Kgf/cm2 (every square centimeter can mention respectively 0.75 kilograms)
F2=0.01*(100-30)*1=0.70Kgf/cm2 (every square centimeter can mention respectively 0.7 kilograms)

If ③ is heavier, can choose VCH1028(http://www.weichengkj.com/VCH.htm):&Nbsp;
F=0.01*(100-10)*1=0.9Kgf/cm2 Namely every square centimeter can mention 0.9 kilograms;
Of course, to same table pump, also can adopt the method that increases sucking disk amount, will enhance whole pump power, but the corresponding time that achieves expectation pump power also increased (increase because of sucking disk amount, the dimension that should take also increased) .
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