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Can of new rule of incomplete of European Union farming compares Japan " definit
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Ning Bo examines office of quarantine bureau WTO got an information from net of European Union government recently, via the European Union that edit and simplifies farming incomplete new rule (EC396/2005)9 has formal go into effect 1 days month, it is important that this meant an European Union to be stridden again in domain of safeguard food safety one pace.
As we have learned, new law stipulated the European Union will be right the instruction undertakes incorporate and editing related standard of existing pesticide remain set limit to, 27 members GB allows unified European Union, involve 1100 kinds of insecticide the highest remain set limit to in 315 kinds of produce, the agriculture chemical that cannot cover to having a level uses 0.01ppm in the remain in food " same standard " , its are strict degree can compares Japan " definite list system " . In addition, security bureau of European Union food returns the character basis insecticide, be in charge of evaluating those who include the insecticide inside the different consumer food such as baby, children and vegetarian set limit to of the biggest remain. Standard of above set limit to can be since September 1 on net of European Union government inquiry. The European Union is the 2nd large base that agriculture products of peaceful wave food exports, many essence are refined, the food agriculture products of high additional cost is spruce sell an European Union to make each export business very value this market, and meanwhile, the short of of farming damage level of the product asks to also perplexing an enterprise greatly. European Union of this new code carry out, although changed an European Union,the home of different country fulfils the confused aspect of different level, but standard of its more rigid set limit to and the same standard that implement 0.01ppm to setting the pesticide outside be restricted, the cost that will raise me to export a product greatly and unqualified check go out rate. Accordingly, examine proposal of quarantine branch expert, farming damage level is stricter and stricter and sure it is the old tendency that will develop henceforth, enterprise must firmly establishs safe consciousness, at the same time vast enterprise should be taken out treat Japan " definite list system " confidence and effort, contrast strictly its are new standard, adjust and make the sound plan that use drug, deploy pesticide to unite purchase, the standardization management system that keep and uses, strengthen self check to control capacity oneself, ensure the product is exported smoothly.