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3 get together cyanogen amine crisis enlarges more domain to be badly in need of
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According to the message of the Ministry of Agriculture, current, contain in our country only feed 3 get together the check mark of cyanogen amine is accurate, but in doing not have feed, contain 3 get together the content standard of cyanogen amine.

The check mark here allows and content standard is different, check mark is to point to definitely 3 get together cyanogen amine achieves certain content to be able to detect come out; Content standard is to point to to be maintained to be qualification inside the range that its content permits in.

In other words, because do not have specific content standard, determine method as was to master " Tu Long art " , do not send however on effective use. Because do not have content standard, check mark can serve as only definitely recommend sexual level and cannot ask to detect compulsively.

After incident of 3 deer milk powder, the people of the whole country was known 3 get together cyanogen amine, be full of vigilance. Now, milk powder appears safe, be said to run in the egg by exposure again however -- , and be in famous egg kind brand, this hard to avoid should let people heart give birth to doubt: This weird 3 get together cyanogen amine, does the life that follows us after all have what kind of all-around contact? This problem needs relevant section to make a response actively.

Look, if cannot make strict check measure standard and content level, the field that involves in all likelihoods launchs investigation in the round, this thing may resemble ghostliness and general appear ceaselessly: Suckle in liquid state medium, in biscuit, in toffee, in the egg, do not eliminate some day to be in even fleshy birds kind the face that your person also shows to worry in food -- , is Hong Kong government frame-up arranging pair of flesh birds kind does food undertake relevant detect? According to the message of total bureau of national qualitative check, is province of Japanese aricultural aquatic product to had asked to produce feed, feedstuff and pet food to wait to China carry out 3 get together of cyanogen amine was checked independently?

Once confirm feed is transmission really 3 get together of cyanogen amine " prime criminal " if, in estimating feed 3 get together cyanogen amine content should not be a very small number; And the word that once can confirm,is the issue that feed gives this really, so, suffer an effect won't be only " the egg below chicken " , is the chicken that eats feed installed insecure?

Present check mark is to want to guard a pass for quality definitely of the service, if connect a content standard to be taken,do not come out, or overcautious and indecisive cannot be made tardy, so is the content with this check exact mark reflected after all where be?

Always follow at the back of public opinion to be being procrastinated to go, undoubted meeting affects the consumptive confidence of broad consumer, influence China produce is in the credit of the international market, the working figure that still can affect relevant government to superintend a branch... rather everywhere passive, be inferior to active and active deploy, abandon the outer part that say to oneself thoroughly, ground of be practical and realistic faces the inadequacy that we get on in this kind of problem.
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