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Euramerican executive toy cost of new standard company rises 3 into
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Afterwards after the incident of recall of beautiful peaceful toy last year, safe to the toy problem takes Euramerican country seriously more, since this year, nearly 40 countries such as European Union, United States, Japan or area publish standard of new safe environmental protection in succession, your China toy exports company cost to increase considerably. Wide hand in on the meeting, many toy companies express, the export that reduces pair of Euramerican states, turn study other and rising market.

Export business turns attack low end the market

Yesterday, a when come from Zhejiang stage city wide hand in meeting toy ginseng to exhibit Shang Miaojin appoint tell a reporter: "We basically make European market, product class is higher, accord with European standard entirely, but safe level of Europe rises again this year, make us cost rises many, but the price does not rise to drop instead however. " Miao Jin appoint say: "From this wide hand in the circumstance of the meeting to look, low end it is good that the market should compare European market do some, we dropped a product actively also with makings, came down price pressing ten are nodded, the hope can attract the client of respect of a few middle east, South America. The hope can attract the client of respect of a few middle east, South America..

98% China make American recall toy

Euramerican the tradition that is Chinese toy exports the market, enter 2008, chinese toy encounters again and again in Euramerican market " quality door " . According to statistic, american consumer protects committee (CPSC) is in 52 weeks of in the past inside in all recall 76 in all 13 million toys, among them Chinese toy is occupied by the 98.41%;2008 of recall toy gross year ago 42 weeks, european Union blame feeds category consumable fast early warning system (RAREX) shares announcement of product of 435 insecure toys, among them 348 are in China under one's name, occupy 80% , china also is the country with maximum amount of product of RAREX bulletin toy.

New rule makes produce cost to go up 3 into

To this, investigation of camp of Board of Trade of fairness of Department of Commerce grows Guo Zhong to express everywhere, the toy on European market most probably above is China is made, and the new standard of safety of two when Europe passes in succession this year concerned toys, also make toy recall amount rises somewhat. This year in August, " amendment of proposed law of American consumable safety " promulgate formally, to the plumbic content in the toy and adjacent benzene the content of salt of 2 formic acid undertook formulary strictly, it is almost " 0 patient " .

And the European Union also will be carried out at next year spring " new toy safety dictates " , include to prohibit using all allergic material in the toy, and any sending cancer, lure the material that change or endangers human fecundity, only few number material obtains exempt.
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