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Our country will carry out new toothpaste mandatory national level
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New GB will publish adult toothpaste to contain fluorine gauge to be surely 0.05% to 0.15% toothpaste new GB is restricted fluorine quantity

At present according to reporter investigation the toothpaste on the market contains fluorine quantity to already achieved new GB

Will rise on Feburary 1 from next year, our country will carry out new toothpaste mandatory national level, had a standard to effect sex toothpaste, the fluorine content that stipulates the adult contains fluorine toothpaste is 0.05% to 0.15% .

Reporter this morning from national level appoint the standard that announce learns in executive announcement, with the toothpaste standard photograph of edition was compared 2001, new GB made in a lot of respects increase and adjust: First will " 2 pleasant are mellow " and " 3 chloric unripe " set limit to is made clear to be worth in waiting for material to include raw material the standard, the index set limit to of the fluorine in making clear toothpaste of the children that contain fluorine is worth.

Additional, new standard still made clear standard suitable scope first: Will apply to cleanness to reach nurse buccal all sorts of toothpaste.

To new GB, sun Dong of standing vice director just mixes center of qualitative check of goods of candle of toothpaste of light industry of the main drafting expert that the reporter interviewed toothpaste new standard, nation cleanness of Chinese oral cavity nurses things industry association is relevant chief, undertake unscrambling.

Expert of toothpaste GB · is unscrambled

New GB is applicable effect toothpaste

New GB: Will a few this years have the effect that gets consumer attention toothpaste also is made clear to include the suitable scope of new GB.

The expert unscrambles: Before, although manufacturing company has level of effect toothpaste qualitative check, but the standard that lacks whole industry to unite.

Current, our country already published GB of first effect toothpaste. Next, relevant association and branch will intensify making concerned assessment technique and composition detect, the standard such as advertisement conduct propaganda, in order to promote more perfect to the management of effect toothpaste.

Fluorine content is 0.05% to 0.15%

New GB: The fluorine content bottom line that new GB contains the adult fluorine toothpaste by 0.04% rise to 0.05% , content of the fluorine in stipulating children contains fluorine toothpaste should be in 0.05% to 0.11% between.

The expert unscrambles: Fluorine is accepted in the world to preventing the action of dental caries, but fluorine is added much also can produce side effect to human body. Content of the fluorine in toothpaste is in 0.04% reach 0.15% relatively appropriate.

But, effective fluorine creams in toothpaste the content in body can decrease successively along with time, so adult of new bid brigadier contained the fluorine content bottom line of fluorine toothpaste to rise. Particularly young children should supervise next brushing one's teeth in adult, toothpaste makes dosage had better be pea bead size.
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