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China is right wine kind regulation of commodity sanitation standard
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Wine is drinkable food. Contain candy or starch in order to choose to be raw material, after fermenting through saccharification, do not pass evaporate alcoholic drink, include liquor among them. Differ as a result of chosen raw material, water quality is clean the situation is different, the contaminative level of the chemical change in brew, equipment is different, the pitch inside wine is occurring differently all sorts of harmful material and bacterium, if people was drunk, can have undesirable consequence. To make sure people is healthy, the country must establish clear and specific wholesome standard, enjoin concerned branch is severe to link of production, sale add government. Among them, to containing noxiousness, return the minim matter that cannot avoid completely now, the regulation is gotten more specific, stricter. The country is right wine kind wholesome standard cent is two, one is distillation wine is reached make up wine sanitation standard, its manage changes index to contain methanol oily prussiate, lead, manganese to wait for 5; One is to ferment wine sanitation standard, its manage changes index to contain just a little of toxin of allowance of incomplete of 2 oxidation sulfur, yellow aspergillus, lead, N methylic saltpetre amine 4, its bacterium index contains bacterial gross, coliform organisms group wait for 2.

1. Methanol
Methanol basically originates contain the raw material with pectic more material. Fermenting in the process, pectic hydrolyze, generation methanol. Methanol is colorless liquid, have pungent taste, can deliquescent at alcohol and water.
Methanol noxiousness is very big, those who endanger a person is neurological, especially optic nerve system, once enter human body, with respect to not easy eduction. The methanol metabolization inside human body child is formic acid and formaldehyde. The noxiousness of formic acid is 6 times bigger than methanol, the noxiousness of formaldehyde is 30 times bigger than methanol. Eat to overcome methanol into 4~10 so, can cause chronic and toxic. Action basically expresses its noxiousness to injure eyesight now, make eyesight drops (immedicable) , view is narrow, as a result loses the sight, till death. Consequently, methanol content is controlled strictly in brew process China. The boiling point of methanol is 6470C, when wine Pei undertakes distillation, should adopt the method of clutch head. Standard standard sets national sanitation, 0.04 grams of ≤ of the person that it is raw material with cereal / 100 milliliter; With 0.12/100 milliliter of ≤ of the person that potato doing and substitute are raw material.

2. Miscellaneous alcohol is oily
Miscellaneous mellow oil is a kind advanced drunk mixture. Alleged and advanced alcohol, it is the alcohol that shows molecular amount is larger kind, namely carbon is atomic the alcohol of over alcohol kind. Because advanced alcohol submits oily form, call it miscellaneous mellow oil so. In liquor, miscellaneous mellow oil is such generation: The protein classics hydrolyze in brew raw material makes amino acid; Amino acid takes off carboxyl in yeasty excretive enzymatic mix amino below enzymatic action, made corresponding miscellaneous mellow oil. Pure miscellaneous mellow oil is colorless liquid, have pungent odour and laborious piquancy, the noxiousness of miscellaneous mellow oil is bigger than alcohol. Among them 8.5 times what the noxiousness of third alcohol is equivalent to alcohol, different man is 8 times what be alcohol mellower, alcohol of different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem is 19 times of alcohol. Miscellaneous alcohol is oily can inhibitory nerve centre, have after drink have a headache, giddy feeling. The standard sets national sanitation, with different fourth alcohol and alcohol of different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem plan ≤ 0.2 grams / 100 milliliter.
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