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Light metal industry 3 spectral laws detect national level is approved
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Recently, committee of national standardization management is released 2008 the 9th (always the 122nd) announcement, approval Zhengzhou academy is in charge of the 3 states level that draft, begin to carry out since December 1, 2008.

These 3 standards are respectively: GB/T 14849.4-2008 " industrial silicon chemical analysis method the 4th part: Atom of inductance coupling plasma launchs spectral law to determine elemental content " , GB/T 20975.25-2008 " aluminium and method of aluminium alloy chemical analysis the 25th part: Atom of inductance coupling plasma shoots spectral way " , GB/T 21994.5-2008 " fluorine changes method of magnesian chemical analysis the 5th part: Of calcic content determine blaze atom absorbs spectral law " .

As we have learned, these 3 standards all are belonged to draft first, it is complete those who be based on Zhengzhou academy detect the technology drafts.

The issuance of these standards is carried out, the analysis that will be helpful for increasing trade of our country light metal detects technical level.