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Total bureau of national qualitative check: Jue a jade tablet fragrant Hu Jue s
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According to introducing, at present our country examines milk powder place contains protein method -- " triumphant family name decides azotic way " although international is current, multiply because of be worth with containing what nitrogen measures to determine however reach with certain coefficient protein content and have a weak point, want to add the chemical substance with a few high volumes that contain nitrogen in food or feed only namely, with respect to the false appearance that can create protein content to amount to mark in detect.

Reporter from chair, in sharing the food that draft 3 get together cyanogen amine detects the China of methodological state level examines the academy knows quarantine science, to make applicability more extensive, be aimed at technically at present 3 get together 3 kinds of cyanogen amine detect method -- law of law of mass spectra of series connection of fluid photograph color atlas, mass spectra of gas phase color atlas and law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph, in will bringing into new standard.