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Ministry of Agriculture: In feed 3 get together standard of set limit to of cyan
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The information that 4 days of report release today according to the Ministry of Agriculture says October of Beijing of China News Service, sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture is in grandma farming gives aid to, feed punish and grandma station rectify working superintend and director to guide emphasize on the meeting, want to begin operation of punish of feed quality safety deep, in making feed as soon as possible 3 get together occupation standard of set limit to of cyanogen amine remain.

Sun Zhengcai says, in wanting to consider feed integratedly 3 get together cyanogen amine is rudimental setting value, right the element such as animal and the influence with animal safe product, those who take out full and accurate, convincing data, draw lessons from foreign practice, had made with concerned provision level join, in making feed 3 get together occupation standard of set limit to of cyanogen amine remain. Should increase antibiotic is used and abuse medicaments to superintend strength.

As we have learned, after incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card happens, 3 get together cyanogen amine becomes all circles to pay close attention to a focus in the remain in the grandma. To protect grandma farming interest, ensure the health that suckle course of study stabilizes development,

Various agriculture and pasturage vet branch insist to catch blow to violate act single-handed, stress protection single-handed skill of; of grandma farming interest catchs special punish, pay direct service single-handed, take a variety of significant step, safeguard grandma farming legal interest, accomplish hard fall less grandma, determined do not slaughter a cattle. Current, each district pours those who suckle a phenomenon to have fixed rate to alleviate, by will suckle scale on September 22 highest 23.6% drop October 4.6% a day.

Sun Zhengcai points out, current working effect is returned very do not consolidate, situation still austere, the task is quite formidable. He says, will accelerating henceforth fulfil already had give aid to on policy foundation, cogent increase policy to give aid to strength and manufacturing deliverance strength. Station of the grandma of ground of one hundred percent that finish clears rectify each task. October 5 should finish grandma station to register tabulation a few days ago, the grandma the station brings into superintendency limits 100 percent, the standard suckles station aptitude and condition.