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"In food 3 get together cyanogen amine detects method " national level is about
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It is reported, after incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card happens, national level appoint in intensifying an organization making provision 3 get together cyanogen amine detects methodological state level, improve food to detect method, ensure new product quality is eligible.

In the light of socially alleged " standard system and examine the method is backward " doubt, the personage inside course of study thinks, this is not to bring about the culprit of incident of milk powder of infant of card of this 3 deer. "This the happening of milk powder incident is not national level gave an issue, what mark of our country check allows and safe index and place of international Codex Alimentarius Commission set is consistent. " safety of national provision quality is supervised examine Cao Gong of central chief engineer expresses so.

Actually, our country milk powder examines accord with international convention. But, examine the method that milk powder place contains protein to use -- , " triumphant family name decides azotic way " although international is current, multiply because of be worth with containing what nitrogen measures to determine however with certain coefficient, reach protein content, but have a weak point, want to add the chemical substance with a few high volumes that contain nitrogen in food, feed only namely, with respect to the false appearance that can create protein content to amount to mark in detect. In incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card, illegal element got this chance just about, added in milk products 3 get together the chemical material that cyanogen amine contains azotic quantity this kind to be as high as 66% , created protein void tall.

Accuse central nutrition and food safety according to disease of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Mr Chen stone introduces place researcher, a principle that establishs food standard is, no matter whether a kind of chemical material is poisonous harmful, want to allow to be added in food only, must a standard undertakes detecting; Want not to allow to be added in food only, do not establish a standard, also do not undertake detecting daily. According to our country active law laws and regulations sets, 3 get together cyanogen amine is material of chemically of food of a kind of blame, do not allow to be added in food absolutely, not only our country does not have relative standard, alive bound each country does not have this standard. To this, mr Chen fact expresses further, if have a level, mean enterprise and government sector to must detect whether to contain in the food that the enterprise produces 3 get together cyanogen amine, so we return the chemical matter that know exactly about sth does not allow 10 thousand kinds to be added in food, want to decide a level, want to detect, this is impossible, do not check at all.

Safety of national provision quality supervises examine Liu Yanqin of central vice director also has the same feeling: "Harmful to human body material has on 100 million to plant, have harmful material to every kinds of food ' thorough is checked ' it is not actual, such cost who the burden does not rise. Such cost who the burden does not rise..
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