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China is making new provision examine the standard is brought into 3 get togethe
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Does the happening of incident of milk powder of 3 deer problem let the public generate a lot of question -- why can illegal element be in the grandma join 3 get together cyanogen amine? Why to examine doesn't quarantine orgnaization have fish? This kind of incident whether put an end to? Taking these issues, the reporter visited safety of national provision quality to supervise examine center and the relevant expert that China standardizes academy food and agricultural place.

Illegal element is aimed at examine standard flaw

Safety of national provision quality is supervised examine Cao Gong of central chief engineer introduces, our country examines the method that milk powder place contains protein to use is " triumphant family name decides azotic way " -- determine in order to contain what nitrogen measures namely the value is multiplied with certain coefficient, reach protein content. This detects method although international is current, but have a weak point, want to add the chemical substance with a few high volumes that contain nitrogen in food, feed only namely, with respect to the false appearance that can create protein content to amount to mark in detect.

In incident of milk powder of 3 deer problem, illegal element got this chance just about, added in milk products 3 get together the chemical material that cyanogen amine contains azotic quantity this kind to be as high as 66% , created protein void tall.

Low temperature of Inc. of 3 yuan of food of Beijing suckles Lv Shuqin of career department general manager to express, make false instrument in what suckle source respect socially at present change is very sharp, let people's air defense be prevented deeply.

3 yuan former detect the level also cannot detect piece 3 get together cyanogen amine, but 3 yuan rolled out a kind of blame to breed albumen detects 2005, although cannot detect,go out 3 get together cyanogen amine, but can detect from inside bought grandma source the protein that in going out to whether contain blame grandma, contains, this detects the method is simple to ensuring 3 yuan of milk products the quantity is very crucial.

Relevant section is in formulate new standard

China standardizes deputy researcher of academy food and agricultural place Dr. Xu Jianjun to disclose to the reporter, national level appoint organizing formulate to detect methodological state level, namely in food 3 get together cyanogen amine determines method.

Xu Jianjun introduces, be aimed at technically at present 3 get together of cyanogen amine detect way of law of mass spectra of series connection of color atlas of photograph having liquid, fluid photograph color atlas is polite law of mass spectra of photograph color atlas 3 kinds, among them before two kinds most commonly used.

"Our detect technology already very mature, can accurate, apace is measured in giving food 3 get together the content of cyanogen amine. " Xu Jianjun says, "Current, relevant standard is in urgent formulate. Relevant standard is in urgent formulate..
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