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Heart state city builds phase of gas phase, fluid two metric standards
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Recently, two standards adopted device of the plant of calibrating of appearance of gas phase color atlas that test of metric calibrating of heart state city builds, calibrating of appearance of fluid photograph color atlas the standard assessment that Shandong province pledges inspect bureau is organized is checked and accept.

Assessment group passes visiting lab, read material, hear a report, check archives and spot to selective examination wait for a variety of forms to undertake serious examine and verify to this, agree with accredit finally should be begun afore-mentioned two detect the job. Appearance of appearance of gas phase color atlas, fluid photograph color atlas is the accurate instrument with contemporary more commonly used company, apply extensively at the industry such as chemical industry, pharmacy, food, additional, the environment detects, wholesome epidemic prevention, the sources of energy detects, the medical check, qualitative check section that issues just data to the society all also has this instrument. The plant of calibrating of appearance of fluid photograph color atlas that should build starts in complete province earlier, be in banner level. Of these two standards build, for the sources of energy of whole town safety of metric job, food provides strong safeguard, be sure to urge heart state further the great progress of metric calibrating career, also be sure to be progress of heart state economy to make positive contribution.