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Standard of dress of infant of ministry of our country head is carried out forma
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Neckline of turtleneck unlined upper garment is more than be equal to 52cm
Appear stringy belt length is less than be equal to 14cm

Report from our correspondent (exercitation reporter Yang Yu) infant dress cannot the biggest neckline is not less than unlined upper garment of dry-clean, turtleneck 52 centimeters... the reporter learns from bureau of city qualitative inspect yesterday, ministry of our country head is aimed at an infant technically (the age reachs less than in 24 months) the occupation standard that dress dress safety establishs -- " infant dress " will carry out formally at will rising on October 1. The stipulates every involves dress security aspect clearly provision in the standard all is mandatory, at the appointed time, allowance of heavy metal incomplete exceeds the baby with the unqualified respect such as mark, safety design dress general cannot leave factory sale.

Formaldehyde must not exceed 20 milligram every kilogram

City pledges relevant controller introduces inspect bureau, in the standard to but of content of extractive heavy metal quantified index to undertake making clear formulary: Formaldehyde content must not exceed 20 milligram every kilogram, arsenic content must not exceed 0.2 milligram every kilogram.

Unscramble: Formaldehyde solution is formalin. In producing the course that the enterprise produces in fabrics, join the coloring auxiliary that contains formaldehyde in great quantities and colophony to arrange an agent, the purpose is to make the dress not corrugate, not shrink, do not fade. But if give the child to put on such dress, formaldehyde can be released slowly, after the child is inspiratory, the most apparent symptom is tired, insomnia, headache, cough, the skin contacts formaldehyde for a long time to still can cause rash, the growth of this pair of infants development can produce serious effect, can cause cancer.

Ban with dye of dissoluble balmy amine

The standard makes clear a requirement, prohibit adding dye of dissoluble balmy amine in infant dress, do not get existence peculiar smell.

Unscramble: Decompose balmy amine dye to call azo dyes again, namely by can cause dye of complex of cancerous scent amine, it is a kind of price the dye with cheap, strong tinting strength. This kinds of dye is colorless insipidity, at present 23 kinds of foregone balmy amine can synthesize dye hundreds of kinds. Cause cancerous virulence with 2- naphthalene amine and benzidine among them the strongest. Benzidine can cause a variety of cancer, the incidence of a disease of cancer is 20 times of the crowd normaller, and preclinical be as long as 20 years.

PH value must be in 4 to 7.5 between

Do not stimulate the infant's skin to assure the dress, the PH of dress is worth must demarcate is in 4 to 7.5 between.

Unscramble: PH value is in human body cutaneous 5.5 ~ 7 between differ, show acidity slightly, the growth that can restrain certain pathogenic bacteria is progenitive, have tutelar body to spare the action of infection. The standard asks PH value should be between 4.0~7.5, at this moment child dress is the most comfortable.
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