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China is editing milkings relative standard will be severe dozen add blame food
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Total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check identifies inspect appoint, standard appoint reach total bureau to concern department bureau chief 17 days " total bureau of national qualitative check concerns a situation with respect to accident of safety of milk powder of 3 deer infant " when accepting online interview, express, national level appoint editing about the expert in the organization milkings relative standard, will release within year, in order to get used to production of Chinese milkings treatment and the need of supervisory management.
"Our detect the technology is very mature already, can accurate, apace is measured in giving food 3 get together the content of cyanogen amine. " deputy researcher of food of Chinese standardization academy and agricultural place Dr. Xu Jianjun says when accepting reporter of Xinhua News Agency to interview.

Relevant controller introduces qualitative check total bureau, chinese milk powder has 31 levels. Have level of milk powder of 3 infants recipe. The case that reports from door of the Ministry of Public Security looks, this infantile milk powder is polluted even if link is collected in the latex, the station that collect a grandma adds the industrial chemicals that is not edible intentionally, make suckle pollution formerly, and convention detects discover not easily again cause.

Should be asked about " besides 3 get together cyanogen amine, other what can still have ' 4 get together, 5 get together ' " when, chief expresses related qualitative check total bureau, illegal element wants to dare be added only appear possibly " 4 get together, 5 get together " , but qualitative check fathers certainly after total bureau discovery dozen not forgive. Can seasonable henceforth basis machines qualitative check total bureau the need of production and quality management, undertake editing definitely to check mark.

Chief still introduces related qualitative check total bureau, last year, in discovering China exports American pet food, violate compasses add 3 get together after the problem of cyanogen amine, pledge height of check total bureau takes seriously, instantly deploy of concerned food quality special selective examination, selective examination the 800 batch provision that includes ground rice of grandma of milk powder, liquid state, cheeper, banger, biscuit, steamed bread, noodle and convenient cover to wait for 12 kinds, all not check goes out 3 get together cyanogen amine.