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Standard of noxiousness of chemical of conduce our country builds REACH code
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From June 13, code of European Union REACH begins to be carried out formally. In June 13 to November 30, register be REACH code beforehand period. Logarithm is defeated by this code 10 thousand kinds the requirement that Europe chemical raised noxiousness and zoology security aspect. It is current be paid close attention to most by bound of global chemical industry " green code " .
To answer REACH code, get used to the green tide of product of global chemical industry, our country is clutching formulate a series of relevant standards. At present our country has the test level that is aimed at specific chemical function partly, but the standard that majority changes sex of function, specifications, application for manage, be in already fields of some level of chemical poison manage, update urgently; To the standard of aspect of chemical zoology security, it is a blank.
According to introducing. The carries out our country of will immediate impact formally to lose Europe L00 much dollar every year industrial chemicals commerce of REACH code. The Electromechanical that indirect effect loses on Europe one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars every year, spin, light industrial wait for a product with the toy. And register through REACH also need the cost with brushstroke huge amount, detect costlily charge lets a lot of medium and small businesses flinch. For this, in recent years, exert oneself of ministries and commissions solves the bottleneck problem that answers REACH code related combination of total bureau of national qualitative check. Detect with respect to chemical noxiousness this locality changed a problem to begin a series of fruitful works. Qualitative check total bureau serves as our country technical the leading branch of meeting of dinner of cascade of trade measure ministry. At was with the European Union 2006 in " safety of Europe industrial product and negotiation of WT0 / TBT cooperate working group of chemical of the one Europe in holding water below mechanism " . Through communicating, european Union principle agrees to help China. Start essential program stage by stage. Final implementation China and European Union chemical detect the each other of experimental data admits; The chemical noxiousness that helps China have corresponding capacity stage by stage detects lab. Test data obtains the acknowledgement of the European Union, build GLP (standard of T black good laboratory) system.
In GHS system (chemical classification and mark whole world coordinate a system) before be about to carry out with code, our country already began much work in respect of formulate relative standard. The level that already included program, project approving amounts to L22, still defective and corresponding standard 45. Our country already promulgated " safety of chemical pesticide environment evaluates experiment standard " , " chemical experiment method " , " standard of technology of chemical noxiousness appraisal " waited to provide good basis to build system of standard of security of more comprehensive chemical noxiousness, zoology. And after new standard formulate is finished. Our country can be had contented carry out, the system of main technique standard of REACH. Show level, system of standard of technology of security of noxiousness of our country chemical, zoology leaves international level to still have bigger difference. The distance that to narrow at present our country chemical detects ability current situation and GHS and REACH requirement exist. To eliminate both test demand and our country chemical examine the difference of standard system. Complete change chemical detects devoid level and lab detect the current situation that ability is not worth badly. Our country formulate REACH answers standard and laboratory program program.
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