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With crucial technology standard promotion our country standardizes integral lev
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Recently, "Crucial technology standard pushs a project " 11 first tasks undertook metaphase is checked oneself respectively and selective examination. From the examination the circumstance looks, each task goes well.

In August 2006, "915 " national science and technology supports a plan major project " crucial technology standard pushs a project " prove;2007 through feasibility year in September, this project promotion is " 915 " emphasis of the plan of national science and technology that prop up is special. This great standardization research is special the crucial technology standard that will develop involves the important state level that includes to have own intellectual property or occupation standard 380, international metric system edits 30 ~ 40.

Standardize Luo Hong of director of office of academy researcher, special government to introduce according to China, "Crucial technology standard pushs a project " special cent develops key mission for international standard, answer technical commonweal of sex of task of key of development of standard of trade measure technology, foundation kind task of key of demonstrative application of task of key of technical standard development and technical standard 4 board piece content. Task of international standard key and answer technical overweight of side of task of development of standard of trade measure technology is broken through external, international competes. Fundamental sex commonweal kind overweight of side of task of key of demonstrative application of task of key of technical standard development and technical standard serves internally, integral promotion. Special overall objective is: To 2010, international standard achieves major breakthrough, technical should increase of trade measure significantly to ability, fundamental sex commonweal kind the action propping up of technical standard rises apparently, build a focal point basically outstanding, structure the system of reasonable, Chinese technology standard that gets used to market economy progress, make our country standardizes overall level to rise apparently, the developed country waits in achieving average level. Form join forces to offer a technology to prop up to national economy and social progress thereby, build harmonious society to establish economy to implement comparatively well-off society and form in the round foundation and provide system safeguard. Come two years, include level of total bureau of ministry of science and technology, country qualitative check, state appoint, the special leader group that the member unit such as total bureau of supervisory government of Ministry of Public Health and national safe production forms and assume unit and the expert that famous expert and scholar comprise tripartite by the task overall group is in the special play in carrying out, the Chinese standardization academy that special government office is in once organized a country " 15 " great science and technology is special " main technique standard studies " . These are those who achieve special and overall goal is important assure.
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