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Pharmacy sewage is discharged carry out new standard pharmacy industry or will b
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" content discharges pharmacy industry water pollution standard " already began to carry out at will rising on August 1. To amounting to prize enterprise, environmental protection branch can instruct its stop production to rectify, till the enterprise is handled,amount to mark. Concerned personage thinks, this will bring about pharmacy industry reshuffle.

The standard enclothes pharmacy all industries and class
The liquid waste noxiousness that chooses acute noxiousness dominates index

Standard of science and technology of environmental protection ministry manages concerned controller expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, " content discharges pharmacy industry water pollution standard " it is the requirement that execute the law according to environmental protection of new period country and superintends the job, union the characteristic of technology of production of specific and applicable industry and contaminative processing technology installs, the standard put forward contaminant to discharge control requirement respectively to having enterprise and construction project, and set transfer through period hind, existing enterprise should be achieved discharge control requirement identically with construction project. Ministry of national environmental protection releases new " content discharges pharmacy industry water pollution standard " discharge a standard to rise considerably to the sewage of industry of raw material drug, accordingly, if company of raw material drug does not amount to mark to be faced with stop production to rectify.

This controller tells a reporter, medicine of our country raw material and the current situation that preparation of medicines and chemical reagents produces a business are: Does  of  of  of  of ⅲ of childish of Ji Zhi of ⒉ of   of P of Wu of ⒐ of  Kang yo denounce sexual  Muxian to spend bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 to see  of ⒉ of blade of graupel of toad ⒉  make outskirt arrive again does ひ of ┕ of Bu of V of an ancient wine vessel made of horn of bosom of food of serve of regret of Piao of ⑽ of fine to fold beat minute  ? ひ of ┕ of Bu of palpitate chasm street pounds flatter of Bi of Jiao of fine  provide for bear evil spirit value throws ┮ ┪ milometer fat of  of put down of Ou Nuo of  of remnant of Liu of ξ of discharge Ju Xie holds fat of  of  of school  caving fall from the sky to have Fei check melt envy of ⒉ of road of attentively of  of the Yu that add postscript.

Main index fathers to allow at American mark
COD arrives from 300mg/L 120mg/L

Be aimed at the view with new more rigidder than asking for an opinion to stalk of grain standard, this controller expresses: ? of patch up of pure  standing tall and upright begins Jin of deep and remote a surname 1 days month carry out " content discharges pharmacy industry water pollution standard " seek an opinion than what put forward when the end of the year last year draft is strict a lot of, numerous pharmacy kind the enterprise faces challenge of more severe environmental protection standard. The main index in new standard all fathers to allow at American mark, ferment the COD of kind of enterprise, BOD and total prussiate discharge requirement and the rigiddest European Union standard to connect for example close, among them, of D of   of C   O discharged a standard to fall by the 150mg/L when seeking an opinion first last year 120mg/L, and earlier before " sewage discharges a standard " limitation is 300mg/L, environmental protection doorsill go up fully moved 1 times much. He says, we are in when seeking an opinion, once thought ferment the standard decides kind of COD that synthesizes kind of enterprise with chemistry to allow in a kind of water gauge, it is the level of 100mg/L, but it is actual and difficult that a few relevant enterprises and association express to achieve this standard to have, so final standard is 120mg/L, but this already prep above Ⅱ kind water gauge is accurate. Additional, wide deadline by 3 years of instead two years, existing enterprise will begin to implement afore-mentioned standards on July 1, 2010, relevant enterprise and association think to say two years from the technology already enough, so final wide deadline by 3 years of original instead two years.
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