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Reagent reachs his to take with the method
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The classification of 1 reagent
According to the purity of chemical reagents, by how many of matter content, home is chemical reagents cent 4 class:
One class reagent (super grade pure reagent) express with G.R normally.
2 class reagent (analyse pure reagent) express with A.R normally.
3 class reagent (chemistry is simple) express with C.P normally.
4 class reagent (experiment or industrial reagent) express with L.R normally.
In addition, according to special working aim, still have a few special purity levels. For example spectral pure, firebug is smooth semiconductor is pure, pure wait. Take the reagent that when using, should ask to choose different specifications by disparate test. Exemple if general and inorganic experiment uses 3 class or 4 class reagent can, analytic experiment needs to take use the 2 level with higher purity even one class reagent.
Of 2 reagent pack
Solid reagent installs the jar that carrying rubber stopper commonly in, liquid reagent is filled in fine mouth bottle (or in drop bottle) , see light is easy the reagent that decompose (if nitric acid is silver-colored) should install in brown bottle, reagent of avery kind of is stuck have ticket in order to make clear the name of reagent, chroma, purity. (when lab cent is installed, solid indicates only reagent name, the liquid still must note a bright chroma) .
The extraction of 3 reagent is used
Solid powder reagent can be taken with clean ox horn spoon with. When wanting to take the solid body of certain amount, can put solid body on paper or metage goes up in platform balance on exterior Min. When wanting accurate metage, use metage bottle to undertake metage on balance. Liquid reagent often is taken with graduate quantity, the capacity of graduate is: The number such as 5mL, 10mL, 50mL, 500mL is planted, in the liquid infuse graduate that takes the amount wanting when using, make the lowermost place of concave side of the liquid inside the line of sight and graduate maintains a level, numerate next the scale on graduate, get liquid bulk namely.
If need a few liquid reagent to be able to be taken with burette,use, take when using, should notice not to come up against burette or insert the wall that receives container to go up or inside.
4 take with reagent regulation
To achieve accurate experimental result, take the following regulation should be abided by when using reagent, pollute in order to make sure reagent does not suffer and do not deteriorate:
(1) reagent cannot be contacted with the hand.
(2) should use clean medical spoon, graduate or burette are taken with reagent, forbid to use absolutely same kind the tool is taken continuously at the same time with a variety of reagent. After taking a kind of reagent, should the tool abluent (medical spoon should be wiped) hind, square desirable with another kind of reagent.
(3) reagent is taken after using, must tighten bottle plug lid, cannot put wrong cap and burette, do not allow confuse one thing with another absolutely, after giving out, bottle replace is in formerly.
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