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Chemical reagents management and safety deposit a condition
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Chemical reagents great majority has certain noxiousness and dangerous sex. Strengthen management to chemical reagents, it is the need that assures to analyse result quality not only, also be the need that ensures people life property is safe.
The tubal behoove basis of chemical reagents is the noxiousness of reagent, flammability, caustic wait for different characteristic with deliquescence sex, with different means appropriate management.

Inside the laboratory appropriate is deposited a few short-term inside the drug that needs to use, combustible explode easily reagent should be put in iron ark, the coping of ark should have intake. Forbidden the bottled and combustible liquid that deposits gross 20L inside the laboratory. A large number of reagent should be put inside reagent library. To general reagent, be like yuan of machine salt, should deposit orderly ground to be put inside reagent ark, can fasten by elemental cycle kind a group of things with common features, or deposit by the classification such as acerbity, alkaline, salt, oxide. When depositing reagent, want the storage period that notices chemical reagents to be restricted, certain reagent can chase gradual change to pledge in depositing a process, form harm content even. Be like ether kind, 4 hydrogen furan, 2 oxygen olefin of 6 annulus, Xi, liquid, below condition seeing light, if contact air to be able to have formed oxide, it is dangerous to place time Yue Jiuyue. Certain the reagent that has reproducibility, be like benzene E of C of boracic natrium of 3 phenol, TiCl3, 4 hydrogen, FeS04, vitamin, vitamin and metallic iron wire, aluminous, magnesian, zinc powder easy by air in oxygen place oxidation is degenerative.

Chemical reagents must classify segregation to deposit, cannot mix put together, divide reagent into normally below a few kinds, deposit respectively.
(1) is combustible kind Combustible kind of liquid is extremely easy volatilize gas, encounter bright fire to burn namely, all include flash point in the liquid under 25 ℃ normally combustible kind. Flash point is in - 4 ℃ are the following person have carbon of oil aether, chloric ethane, bromic ethane, ether, benzine, 2 vulcanization, shrink ester of acerbity armour of ester of second of acid of aldehyde, acetone, benzene, second, second. Flash point has sick at heart of alcohol of third of fourth ketone, toluene, methanol, alcohol, different, xylene, second below in 25 ℃ ester of acerbity the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of fourth ester, second, 3 polyformaldehyde, pyridine.
Requirement of this kind of reagent is deposited alone at shady and cool and ventilated place, ideal deposits temperature to be one 4 ~ 4 ℃ . Flash point is in the reagent under 25 ℃ , deposit highest room temperature to must not exceed 30 ℃ , should notice to be far from igneous cause particularly.
(2) is virulent kind Show by enteron the thimbleful that invade a person can cause toxic and deadly reagent namely only. Biology experiments the person that half deadly quantity is under 5Omg/kg calls virulent article, if etc of natrium of potassium cyanide, cyaniding is virulent prussiate, 3 oxidation 2 arsenic etc is virulent arsenic changes thing, 2 chloridize mercuric etc is extremely poisonous mercuric salt, vitriolic 2 armour ester, certain alkaloid and poisonous former times.
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