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The relevant knowledge of methanol introduces
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1.Manage changes character:
(1) structural formula CH4O
(2) opposite element quality 32
(3) structural style CH3OH
(4) the exterior and character: Colorless and clear liquid, stimulating odour.
(5) melting point (℃ ) : - 97.8
(6) boiling point (℃ ) : 64.8
(7) opposite density (water =1) : 0.79
(8) opposite density (air =1) : 1.11
(9) dissolvability: Mix dissolve with water, can mix dissolve to wait for most and organic dissolvent at mellow, aether.
(10) no-no content: Strong oxidant, acerbity kind, acid anhydride, alkali metal.
2.Healthy harm
(1) invade a way: Inspiratory, feed, classics skin is absorbed
(2) healthy harm: Have anaesthetic effect to central nervous; Have special option effect to optic nerve and retina, cause pathological change; Can cause metabolization sex sick at heart toxic.
(3) virulent poisoning: Short when many and inspiratory appear to spend eye and the upper respiratory tract gently to stimulate a symptom (profess to convinced has gastric bowel path to stimulate a symptom) ; Have a headache via appearing after period of time is preclinical, giddy, lack of power, swimmy, Bacchic feeling, consciousness hazy, delirium, insensible even. Optic nerve and retinal pathological changes, can the faintness that look matter, diplopia waits, blindness of the person that weigh. Force of carbon dioxide joint appears to drop when metabolization sex acid is toxic, breathe to wait quickly.
(4) chronic influence: Neurasthenic syndrome, plant nerve function is maladjusted, mucous membrane is exciting, eyesight drops etc. The skin appears for a long time defatted, dermatitis.
3.Emergency treatment measure:
(1) skin contact: Shuck off the dress that is polluted, rinse the skin thoroughly with suds and clear water.
(2) eye contact: Mention palpebral, with flow clear water or physiological saline are rinsed. Go to a doctor.
(3) inspiratory: Break away from the spot quickly to come air is fresh place. Maintain respiratory tract unobstructed. If breathe difficulty, give oxygen therapy. If breath stops, have artificial breath instantly. Go to a doctor.
(4) feed: Warm water of drink full amount, urge spit, with clear water or gastric lavage of solution of 1% sodium thiosulfates. Go to a doctor.
4.Preventive measure:
(1) respiratory system defends: Respiratory tract may contact steam Shi Kepei to had worn filter type respirator (half face guard) , urgent situation rescue or the proposal when withdrawing adorns air respirator.
(2) the eye defends: Wear chemical safety to defend glasses.
(2) the body defends: Wear antistatic coverall.
(3) the hand defends: Wear balata safety glove.
5.Dangerous category:
(1) combustible: Combustible
(2) flash point (℃ ) : 11
(3) ignition temperature (℃ ) : 385
(4) lower explosion limit (% ) : 5.5
(5) upper explosion limit (% ) : 44
(6) dangerous character: Combustible, its steam and air can form volatile mixture. Encounter bright fire, high heat energy to cause combustion to explode. With oxidizer osculatory happening chemistry reacts or cause inflammation. In the scene of a fire, the container of be heated has explosive risk. Its steam is heavier than air, can diffuse in inferior place quite far place, encounter bright fire to be able to be brought time light.
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