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The lab is commonly used store the configuration parameter of fluid
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1. Solution of amine of 30% propylene acyl
[make up a method] amine of 29g propylene acyl and 1g N, n ' - inferior in the water that dissolve of amine of acyl of Jia Shuangbing Xi is 60ml at total volume. Heat to dissolve to 37 ℃ , fill add water to eventually bulk is 100ml. With Nalgene colander (aperture of 0.45 μ M) filter except bacterium, check the PH value of this solution should not is more than 7, brown bottle middleman and guarantor puts place at room temperature.
[attention] propylene acyl amine has very strong nerve noxiousness to be able to be absorbed through the skin, its make appliance accumulate a gender. He Yajia of amine of metage propylene acyl should wear glove and mask when amine of double propylene acyl. Can think polypropylene acyl amine is avirulent, but also should operate carefully, because it still may contain a few not aggregate material. The propylene acyl amine with a few inferior values and amine of double propylene acyl contain ion of a few metals normally, the single bed that adds about 0.2 bulk in fluid of keep in storage of propylene acyl amine mixes colophony (MB-1Mallinckrodt) , agitate pass the night, filter with filter paper of Whatman 1 size next with rarefied. During keep in storage, propylene acyl amine and amine of double propylene acyl will be slow change into propylene acyl and double acrylic acid.
2. Amine of 40% propylene acyl
[make up a method] amine of 380g propylene acyl (DNA measures order level) with 20g N, n ' - inferior in the distilled water that dissolve of amine of acyl of Jia Shuangbing Xi is 600ml at total volume. Continue to press afore-mentioned methodological processing that make up solution of amine of 30% propylene acyl, but after adding thermosol to solve, answer with distilled water complemental to eventually bulk is 1L.
[attention] see afore-mentioned specifications that make up amine of 30% propylene acyl, solution of amine of 40% propylene acyl is used at DNA alignment to determine.
3. Solution of actinomyces element D
[make up a method] in dissolving D of 20mg actinomyces element at 4ml 100% alcohol, 1: Fluid of 10 attenuant keep in storage, make blank contrast with 100% alcohol read take OD440 cost. Actinomyces element D (molecular quantity is 1255) pure article in aqueous solution rub Er digestive coefficient is 21, 900, the suction that so the solution of actinomyces element D of 1mg/ml is in in 440nm is worth solely for 0.182, the fluid of keep in storage of actinomyces element D should be put in the bag to have screen piece in test tube, save at - 20 ℃ .
[notice] actinomyces element D is the agent that send abnormal is mixed the agent that cause cancer, the glove must be worn when making up this solution and operate inside ventilated cabinet, and cannot opening undertake on experimental desktop, beware inspiratory powder or let eye of its bring into contact with or skin.
The product of makes remedial use actinomyces element D that pharmaceutical factory offers often contains the additive such as candy or salt. The light that should be in 440nm wavelengh place through measuring fluid of keep in storage only absorbs the chroma that decides actinomyces element D, this kind of goods can be used at controlling oneself guiding function.
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