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Use at organic liquid stronger go water agent
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With the compound that water forms



NaOH, H2

Be used at hydrocarbon and aether go water is very outstanding, must not use at person and bittern acting hydrocarbon


Ca (OH2) , H2

Optimal go one of water agents; Slower than LiALH4 but efficiency is tall relative safety, use at hydrocarbon, ether, amine, ester, c4 and more advanced alcohol (do not use at C1, c2, c3 is mellow) , must not use at aldehyde and lively carboxyl compound


LiOH, AJ(OH)3, H2

Use at alkyl of inert dissolvent {only, aromatic hydrocarbon radical (cannot use at alkyl bittern base) , ether} , as can round as any acidity hydrogen and most function (bittern radical, nitro- is waited a moment) reaction, redundant person can join ester of second acerbity second to try to destroy slowly

BaO or CaO

Ba (OH2Or Ca (OH2

Slow and effective, basically apply to alcohol kind with ether kind, but use not easily at sensitive to alkali compound


HPO3, H3PO4, H4P2O7

Very fast and efficiency is tall, height is acid-proof, proposal first beforehand dry, use at inert compound only (apply to hydrocarbon especially, ether, bittern acting hydrocarbon, acerbity, anhydride)