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Of 4 hydrogen furan rarefied
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Boiling point 67 ℃ (64.5 ℃ ) , refractive index 1.405 0, relative to density 0.889 2.
4 hydrogen furan and water can mix dissolve, often contain a few moisture to had reached oxide. If want to be made anhydrous 4 hydrogen furan, aluminous lithium of usable hydrogen sulfide issues circumfluence in isolation humidity (normally 1000mL needs aluminous lithium of 2~4g hydrogen sulfide about) among them water has mixed eliminate oxide, next distillation, the heat up in a steamer that collects 66 ℃ is divided (evaporate does not want to work when distillation, will odd a few incomplete fluid namely teem) . The liquid after refining joins sodium silk and should save in nitrogen atmosphere.
When handling 4 hydrogen furan, answer to have a test with grain first, in have only among them certainly a few water and cross oxide, action is not sent too intense when, fang Kejin travel is rarefied.
The crosses oxide to be able to use acidification iodic solution changing potassium in 4 hydrogen furan will examine. If cross oxide more, it is advisable to should be handled separately.