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Of water rarefied with the preparation that exceeds pure water
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Summary this is a rarefied He Chaochun about water the overview of water preparation. The technology that introduced all sorts of rarefied water and certain recently progress. Include distillation law, ion exchange law, electrodialysis law and reverse osmosis law to wait

Of keyword water rarefied exceed pure water reverse osmosis of ion exchange electrodialysis

One. Introductive
About high pure the preparation of water is in Mr Wen Ruimei [already had in the monograph of 1] discuss in detail. A few common sense that the article considers to be concerned with water with chemical analysis and instrument analysis only and little experience make a bit introduction, in order to offer reference.
5 kinds of impurity are contained normally in natural water: 1. Electrolyte, include electrified particle, common cation has H, Na, K, NH4, , Mg2, Ca2, Fe3, Cu2, Mn2, Al3; Anion has F- , Cl- , NO3- , HCO3- , SO42- , PO43- , H2PO4- , HSiO3- to wait. 2. Organic material, be like: Lament of ダ of king of Qin of hold a memorial ceremony for of ⒋ of yo of  of ⑻ of  of ┮ of ⑴ of curtain thanking  takes? . Grain content. 4. Microbial. 5. Deliquescent gas, include: N2, O2, Cl2, H2S, CO, CO2, CH4. Of alleged water rarefied, want take out namely these impurity. What foreign matter goes is more complete, water quality is purer also.
National level regulation has analytic lab to use water [2] and electronic class water [the technical index of 3] . Analytic lab sees a table with the technical index of water 1:

Express 1. One. 2. The technical index that 3 class lab uses water (GB6682, 92)

One class
2 class
3 class
PH is worth limits (250C)
- -
- -
Electrical conductivity (25OC) , MS/m. ≤
Can oxidize material (with 0 plan) , mg/L <
Absorbance (254nm, 1cm light path) ≤

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