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Chemical reagents generality
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Current, chemical reagents oneself is extensive apply at technology of science of sanitation of industry, agriculture, medical treatment, life, biology, environmental protection, the sources of energy each industries of the scientific research domain such as war industry of development, national defence and national economy progress, but what is " of " chemical reagents, it contains what content, give it an exact definition or a very difficult business. Inchoate chemical reagents just points to to be in " chemical analysis determine of material or cent or the " of real chemical medicine that comprise and use. Be expanded be the chemical " that " reacts to realize chemistry and uses again later, the chemical that " of present " chemical reagents indicates exceeded the range already this one category. The chemical " that somebody thinks " is used in scientific test can call " of " chemical reagents, the chemical that because this oneself thinks,every and experiment concern can call chemical reagents. Chemical reagents has 5 main characteristics:
   Breed is much: The chemical reagents that be produced on the world now according to statistic and lays in has 4-5 about 10 thousand kinds, and every year new breed appears, the new requirement that so that satisfy science and technology,raises in development.

Quality requirement is strict: As a result of chemical reagents and scientific test closely related, its quality is good, good check the result that receives influence science test, so every kinds of chemical reagents has relevant technical index and quality level, ask to also rising gradually to the quality of chemical reagents as the development of science and technology.
Applied range is wide: Each course in existing scientific domain and in each trades that at present economy expands, have hardly need not of chemical reagents. Define and permeate between each other as course, the domain that needs use chemical reagents also is met increasing.
   Dosage is little: The 3 acid in the general reagent with the biggest dosage in chemical reagents (vitriolic, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid) , 2 alkaline (hydrogenous oxidation accept and carbonic acid accept) , the breed such as second acid is annual countrywide demand can come more than 1000 tons hundreds tons too. Most breed needs only a certain number of kilogram, some needs a few grams only even, but they are indispensable. So although chemical reagents dosage is little, cannot be short of.
The economic benefits that produces chemical reagents is very lopsided, big batch breed is easier gain, and small lot breed often deficit product. But, small lot product is indispensable, have very big society beneficial result.
   Chemical reagents classification: Breed is various, should give it reasonable, scientific classification also is a very difficult issue, return the accepted method with uniform neither one domestic and internationally at present, just offerred the means of a few classification according to the production, requirement that manage and uses. Be like: Can be by its purity divided? Pure reagent of " of Quot; chemistry pure reagent, analysis, super grade pure reagent, super- pure reagent, exceed clear height pure reagent; By its sort can be divided for inorganic reagent and organic reagent; By its utility can be divided analyse product of reagent, organic synthesis reagent, clinical diagnostic reagent, electron for general reagent, fiducial reagent, analysis reagent, instrument special reagent and special type reagent, each kinds big still can separate group. In addition still a few other classify a method, can refer to the monograph that classifies about chemical reagents.
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