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The convection in fluid photograph color atlas changes the requirement of the ph
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1) dissolvent must " clean " , need to pass impurity of grain of filter plate eliminate before use, when necessary, add a filter plate again in the mouth that take shape, with the grain that eliminate may bring by pump

2) must control the water content of the dissolvent in adsorptive color atlas, excessive water can make sorbent active is reduced, solute withholds a value to drop

If 3) needs to be worth next operations in certain PH, must determine regularly solvent PH value, the CO2 in atmosphere is deliquescent the change that will cause PH inside photograph of going from place to place, especially this kind of impact when bottle of lay aside fluid is airtight and lax may be bigger

4) is soft qualitative or the look of half soft qualitative filling goes up lead the polarity that follows solvent change and change, 25-30 should be used first when using new post the balance of appropriate flow photograph of times column bulk; Change when photograph of going from place to place, if two kinds flow mutual not Xiang Rong, photograph of before needing to use excessive dissolvent to make one kind of flow dissolves stage by stage purify (for example, 2.2.4, when 3 methylic pentane change methanol, must transfer with ester of second acerbity second or other dissolvent, till standard content reservation value reachs steady state)

5) is prolong the efficient column life with not easy backfill, high price, can be in into appearance implement and install between chromatographic column beforehand column (beforehand the foreign matter capacity with due and sufficient column) , to photograph of going from place to place and sample medium grain and impurity undertake filtering finally; In fill and join beforehand when column, not due and additional cause chart belt to broaden, depart spends descendent dead bulk; Maintain of the bulk of column and chromatographic column than answering beforehand for 1: 15 to 1: 25, broaden in order to reduce chart tape