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About the intellectual introduction of chemical reagents respect
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Inorganic analyses reagent
Inorganic analysis reagent (Inorganic Analytical Reagent) it is the commonly used inorganic chemistry article that is used at chemical analysis. Its purity is taller than industrial product, foreign matter is little.
Organic analysis reagent
Organic analysis reagent (Organic Reagents For Inorganic Analysis) it is to be in what the element offers in mineral analysis to determine, the appropriative organic compound such as mixture of the precipitant that detached, rich collect uses, extractive agent, chela and indicator, is not to show general dissolvent, organic acid is mixed organic alkaline wait. These organic reagent must want to have better sensitivity and alternative. As the development that analyses chemistry and chemical industry, will develop a sensitivity and alternative this kind of better reagent, be like pair of a few metals that appear since 1967 (like alkali metal, alkaline-earth metal) the coronal aether that reachs ammonium ion to have complexing capacity (Crown Ether) kind compound is such.
Fiducial reagent
Fiducial reagent (Primary Standards) it is purity tall, impurity little, stability is good, chemical the compound with constant constituent. There is capacity analysis, PH to determine in fiducial reagent, calorific value determines to be classified etc. There all is the first in each classification fiducial with the cent with standard work. Every the first fiducial must measure calibrating of academy of sciences by national plan, manufacturing unit is used the first fiducial those who regard the job as fiducial product determine standard. Current, the fiducial reagent of business already battalion basically is to show the capacity analyses kind of medium capacity to analyse the job fiducial [content limits is 99.95%~100.05% (weight titrate) . Use at demarcate titrate fluid commonly.
Reference materials
Reference materials (Standard Substance) it is the chemical goods that contrast makes in be being used at chemical analysis, instrument to analyse, or it is the chemical that is used at calibration instrument. Its chemistry constituent, content, manage changes property and place to contain impurity must foregone, accord with a regulation or accepted. Reagent of microanalysis reagent microanalysis (Micro-analytical Reagent) the permissive quantity that applies to material be determininged is constant only 1% (weight is 1~15 milligram about, bulk is 0.01~2 milliliter about) the reagent that microanalysis uses.
Organic analysis standard items
Organic analysis standard items (Organic Analytical Standards) it is to determine the chemical reagents that compares with oppose when the constituent of the organic compound and structure. Its constituent must accurate and foregone. Usable also Yu Wei measures an analysis.
Pesticide analyses standard items
Pesticide analyses standard items (Pesticide Analytical Standards) apply to gas phase color atlas to the law analyses agriculture chemical or determine the oppose when pesticide remain is measured compares article. Its content requirement is accurate. Have the solution that by minim onefold pesticide makes up, also what a variety of pesticide make up mix solution.
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