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Pure water and exceed pure water
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Pure water, exceed pure water year old, the name that although be an experiment,uses water, cannot indicate however the purity of water.
water medium electric contaminant purify is led to resistor when achieving 18.2M Ω .com@25 to spend, call exceed pure water. Be in what this must notice is, resistor leads the content of the electrolyte in just representing water, can not express not to contain the contaminant of other. That is to say, call the water that exceeds pure water, the organic substance that contains doubtful ration possibly still, grain, microbial wait for pollutant, can have different TOC value. Accordingly, must use resistor rate and TOC to evaluate water at the same time.
Come with any methods no matter purify pollutes foreign matter, if cannot obtain the water that 18.2M Ω .com@25 spends, call pure water. For example water of ion exchange colophony, distilled water, reverse osmosis water, belong to pure water. Distilled water and reverse osmosis water this kind pure water, because rarefied rate is slower, after must using cistern to store, offer again use. Accordingly, of pure water store the process may get the material of packet material is qualitative, jumbly again the contaminant in air and microbial pollution, cause the aggravation of water quality. So, so called pure water also cannot be met certainly have very good quality, because,its water quality is met rarefied method and of use environment differ and differ somewhat.