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Coastal development into the European Pharmacopoeia of the first column
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From Tianjin Science and Technology Development Zone Board was informed that high-tech enterprises in Tianjin TEDA Ltd undertaken 博纳艾杰尔 "Eleventh Five-Year" plan major projects supported by national science and technology - high-performance materials and silica gel column chromatography matrix, recently by experts, into the European Pharmacopoeia. This means that China has mastered the core technology of high-performance chromatography industry, which for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental protection, food testing to provide effective support, which is my first column to enter the European Pharmacopoeia. According to reports, Tianjin 博纳艾杰尔 Technology was established in 2007, Tianjin TEDA International Incubator hatching High-tech enterprises, the main production and development of separation of materials and their derived products, the flagship product for chromatography supplies.博纳艾杰尔 this project has been more than 40 people set up a R & D team, established a complete industrial chain of production, nearly one hundred kinds of specifications can produce high-performance chromatographic packing, the annual production in 300 kg packing chromatography, chromatography columns 7000, one third for export. The company has developed a unique silicone surface treatment effectively reduces the acidity of silica gel to improve the quality of the chromatographic packing, and its product technology has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, and cost-effective to replace imported obvious advantages. It is understood that the column chromatography equipment is one of the core parts.博纳艾杰尔 Technology Co., Ltd. research may be widely used in Sudan, amino acids, the detection of mycotoxins, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to provide complete sets of chromatographic separation techniques tailored for drug analysis and environmental monitoring to provide services.