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"Multidimensional chromatography technology applications in the tobacco industr
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(The smoke to do) Key Laboratory of cigarette smoke the tobacco industry, "multi-dimensional chromatography in the tobacco industry in the application" before the exchange will be held in Shanghai. Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corporation, the CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Fudan University, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Science and more than 20 units participated in the meeting. Conference to focus on "multi-dimensional chromatography in the application of the tobacco industry" to start academic research, and promote the development of the technology and the transformation, the tobacco industry to accelerate the pace of technological innovation; research results by industry experts to share experience in other forms, as the tobacco industry, technology and communication to build a learning and communication platform. At the meeting, experts were invited around the "liquid chromatography - gas chromatography applications in complex samples", "center cut multidimensional gas chromatography-style progress and application in the tobacco industry" and so made a special academic report and site to answer questions raised by the participants. After the meeting, participants visited the Technology Center on the tobacco industry Tobacco Group, Key Laboratory of cigarette smoke, and with the laboratory technicians were exchanged. Key Laboratory of the tobacco industry, cigarette smoke is the smoke over the first batch of units of the Group based Key Laboratory of the tobacco industry. Tobacco technological innovation system as an integral part of the Key Laboratory of the tobacco industry, tobacco use is to organize high-level basic research and generic technology research, gather and train outstanding scientists and highly qualified technical personnel to carry out academic discussions and exchanges of important positions.