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Agricultural University of China won the bid again with the field of high spee
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This month, the same field again, winning high-speed countercurrent chromatography, China Agricultural University Instrument project, which is the second time this year, the Agricultural University high-speed countercurrent chromatography procurement. High-speed countercurrent chromatography (high-speedcountercurrentchromatography, HSCCC) was developed in the 20th century, 80 A continuous and efficient liquid - liquid partition chromatography technique, it should not be any solid support, or carrier. It uses two-phase solvent system in high speed rotation of the helical pipe to establish a special one-way balance of fluid dynamics, when one phase as the stationary phase, another phase as the mobile phase, elution in a continuous process to preserve a large number of stationary phase. As no solid support body, the separation of substances based on their distribution coefficients in two different phases to achieve, and thus avoid the result of irreversible adsorption of sample loss caused by the inactivation, denaturation, etc., not only of the sample to full recovery, recycling samples better reflect its original properties, especially suitable for the separation of natural bioactive ingredients. And because the material and the liquid is separated to full contact between the stationary phase, making the sample preparation is greatly increased, is an ideal means of preparative separation. It is relative to the traditional solid - liquid column chromatography, with a wide range of applications, flexible operation, efficient, fast, large amount of preparation and low cost advantages. HSCCC technology is currently developed as a new concern separation and purification technology, has been widely used in bio-medicine, natural products, food and cosmetics and other fields, particularly in the natural products industry has been considered to be an effective new separation technology ; for the separation of small molecular substances purification. China is following the United States, Japan, carried out after the first application of countercurrent chromatography in the country, Russia, France, Britain, Switzerland and other countries have also conducted the study. U.S. FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO) both refer to this technology as an antibiotic constituents of the test, since the 90s, high-speed countercurrent chromatography is widely used in the separation of natural medicines in the preparation and analysis of test. With the field of biological Shanghai high-speed countercurrent chromatography leader; company is committed to high-speed countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC), double-plunger pump constant, ultra-pure water and natural products of high purity single active ingredients, natural medicine, raw materials / intermediate body of research and development, production and sales.