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Be a smart buyer chromatography instruments purchased Experience
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A chromatography laboratory, instrument hardware determines the level and quantity of the high level of after chromatography. A simple laboratory conditions, will test an invaluable and should be used to improve the technological level of the time wasted on equipment failures to meet; and an instrument configuration complete, integrated hardware laboratory conditions are good, even if I could not find the right people This Kewutongshu itself able to attract the Phoenix, or another point of view, such a platform is also easier to cultivate their own talents. Although we do not want to take the initiative to challenge "everything" in quotations, but in the chromatography laboratory, the importance of instrument hardware, at least not less than talents. Chromatography equipment acquisition, chromatography laboratory is an important part of the overall work. Fast chromatography equipment replacement, typically 5 years generation, faster progress in chromatography, new projects are often carried out, the application of new methods to promote the upgrading of equipment. Chromatograph purchase a good job, after the technical work carried out will create a good platform. Buy things, this should be a very simple matter, but in any unit, equipment procurement have do a sensitive and complex. In the past decade, but unfortunately I had the pleasure of the departments involved in the purchase of equipment in the work of most of Chromatography, tens of thousands of dollars from the millions of domestic gas to liquid mass spectrometry, experience a little bit, quite a few lessons . In different industries, different regions, different units of equipment purchases, often very different, the following describes only the specific situation for me: Shenzhen, a business unit of financial allocation is mainly to buy equipment, buy 10 million instrument to tender, so buy a chromatography apparatus, at least through the Finance Bureau, tender center, unit leaders, unit purchasing department, the use of department leadership, the use of personnel at several levels. With such a specific situation, determine the characteristics of the instrument we bought here: liquidity, but the project is cumbersome and costly procedures, the process is very long, generally from a fight plan to apply to the instrument in use almost 3 years. It should be said, in the health system, in the procurement of equipment, the leadership of our unit be a good atmosphere. I have university students in the medical devices work, lack of privacy among students, especially with the students lived in dormitories, he had several workers show me that in the other hospitals about the device, as secretary of the President class involved early on, talking about deep problems directly, and in the leadership of our unit there has never been clear that preference, and made him not sure. In fact, for grass-roots workers, the top leader who is willing to specify the instrument is a very peace of mind thing, a good used instrument, used none of our business is not bad, do not assume responsibility. But the situation, even with the instrument you want to choose the opportunity, but more additional psychological pressure and actual risk. A chromatograph easily hundreds of thousands of millions, if buy the wrong bondage also can not pay ah! But with such a special opportunity, can there be such a valuable experience, will have the following feelings and experiences. These experiences, not out of a procurement executive power and authority to the basic technical personnel from the perspective of experience, and if other people in other locations, should be able to do better, at least not talk so hard. Experience the most important point: "to acquire equipment, utility first." We purchase equipment process is started by the user to write applications. In selecting what type of equipment to purchase, in many units, users and competent leadership is slightly different purpose, the user is generally entirely from consideration the actual needs of the most simple, practical instruments tend to buy; in the level of charge, often for those expensive high quality, that go out have more "face" quite interested in the instrument, such as temperament or quality of such liquid. In this case, to recognize that the atomic bomb was of high quality than machine guns, but can not replace the atomic bomb and gun, do not finally reduced to a chopper carrying the atomic bomb have to hand the point of revolution. _ In the social doctrine is still in its early stages, do not blindly march to the communist doctrine _ to buy the same equipment, utility first, to meet the daily work of the instrument has not yet fully equipped, do not advance to the sophisticated shock. We are 7 sets of instrument configurations are gas, the makings of two, phase 4, the quality of a liquid, such instrument structure still feel in their work with more reasonable. When buying equipment, first to meet the testing equipment, consider a pre-treatment equipment, after all, the quality of detection, analytical instruments is the most crucial part. Select pre-treatment equipment, even based on utility-based, can be purchased small, then large-scale processing equipment purchase needs. 4,5 years doing manual SPE, the application for this year we purchased a full set of equipment imported SPE, after consider GPC, The ASE, blowing sound though, and is not suitable for our use. Practical First, throughout the whole instrument in all the details of the purchase process. Like all of our hydrogen generator to specify all Shimadzu, although it is the most expensive, almost 60,000. All of the air compressor is the essence of Court with, although it is very cheap, only 3000 or so. The printer to the instrument workstation supporting designated HP1020 series as much as possible, although it can be considered in the HP printer in the bargain, only 1200 yuan. Only one reason, they are the most practical. As a feature of equipment we buy is too long, caused us no small trouble, first of all it is difficult to predict quasi-three years after the instrument state. Because we buy the financial instrument is the money, repairable equipment is entirely their own real money, often feel can not afford to repair affordable instrument. Equipment on hand in case of a problem to repair, (we know that the repair cost of imported equipment and particularly expensive), to apply a large amount of maintenance funding will be quite difficult, the degree of difficulty may not be less than buying a new instrument, even urgently re- equipment, do not just look what on everything good. Think of the "Special for special" people laugh and cry is called the term, when the group next to me in a bad instrument, apparatus, and too old to not have to repair, was anxious to feel the burn, so he entered the special matter of procedure, expedited procurement of a new atomic absorption, but three years later, when things slow slow to do the instrument has been put into use, and on everything which has not a single film yet. I just graduated, on hand is a gas, a liquid, a UV, a temperament, although at that time regardless of workload, the number and type of project, the sample is much less than now, may be small but he is not thinking of the pressure because the share of things that are unique. Our job is to have a completion deadline, the general sample of 10 working days, samples of four hours of poisoning, bad any one instrument, the bad of any one detector, or even any of the parts I have to directly be thrown off balance. Although imports are better general quality of the instrument, the use of time can be very long, but if it is a bad omen, but he is not. Enough to eat such as bitterness, so are eligible to apply in their own equipment, began the process of backup devices, the goal is for each instrument or each detector has a backup, so if there is failure, then you can reserve directly top, the first dealing with work, and then slowly to consider repair or buy. This process seems clearly understand that there are many difficulties in implementing it, the first instruments of different companies, inlet detector and other components are not interchangeable, even if the instrument is the same company, different times of the products are not compatible, therefore cause a host of several parts scrap loss reserve, but due to limited tendering, it is difficult to pre-set our own brand and model. That only poor selling, according to their daily workload and reasonable choice, FID used much, but a few well prepared, ECD and FPD to do a backup on a single trip, DAD with much more, each phase is coupled with fluorescence more on the line with a UV to not buy one. Buy equipment for 10 years, this year, and finally to the temperament to do a backup, as liquid chromatography, and then prepare for a 3-4 years. Backup device, not only a failure to consider the problem to the instrument, there is a replacement for consideration, the general import apparatus within 5 years were considered new, patching can be used to 10 years to 20 years an individual can, but given the to the actual buying cycle, used in 5 years, I have to consider to apply for a new one. Procurement cycle is too long, causing the other problems is that it is difficult to predict potential response after 3 years of specific work content. I have made a lot of effort to do a good job for the Workplace air testing equipment to prepare the hardware, did not think 3 years later, the instrument arrived, the work function has been allocated to another new unit, really surprise ah. So try not to choose a single-use configuration, it is best to have a certain degree of versatility, so that even after the low utilization rate of individual components, the machines do not have access than the right. Buy new equipment, does not mean that the more upscale the more novel the better, or to focus on our specific work, is still the practical purpose of the first to buy the most appropriate, rather than the most expensive. As the packed column inlet with the GC14, although certainly be the old model, but I'm sure there are some occasions is with packed columns, such as solvent residues and methanol, in particular, residual solvent contamination of the instrument of this project is still very great, so buying the updated GC-17 and GC-2010, after, or applied for many years, and finally infinite royal graciousness, mercy been approved by a GC-14. Many people do not understand how this equipment will come down to buy, in fact, an example of very good examples, and then dressed large hotels, in addition to N units Mercedes-Benz, a total had to have a Taiwanese trucks. In some funds, index certain circumstances, think twice, or can do, "do more with less work." Do chromatography, in particular, do people know that the gas phase, the most practical configuration is a single inlet and single detector, but no change in column. Unfortunately, our funds are very difficult to achieve under the operation of such a model. Many people as the application device (this thing a little more than to come and like), no amount of money is not enough, so the party can only be approved by "sub-pork" the principle of distribution, one of a maximum of one. So you apply for a single detector is a gas, the application with three detector is a gas, anyway, to one, and therefore a limited instrument only tap the potential indicators. The number of applications for funding are also very particular because 10 million or less to meet to decide their own units, while 10 million or more instruments must be bought in the tender center, due to requirements of the tender centers of the three put together, a lot more wordy things, like single procurement to go other more complex procedures, a longer time. And 100 million more a psychological threshold, unless there is a very good background, otherwise the report was rejected by a great possibility that up, that is, reluctantly agreed to review the object will be the focus, to pay a lot of explanation and then there may be after rejected. So, unless the leadership made it clear that a very strong interest in the work force, or may not have been better not to report the amount of more than 100 million. Buy chromatography instruments, in addition to "do more with less work", another way of thinking is the "spend less targets, more work", refers to the application equipment can play a big bag as far as possible, something more than incidentally. Some things such as uninterruptible power supplies, gas generators, etc., can come packaged as an annex to the instrument (for employment, assuming a shame it is not), if the tender points can be better written skills in some expensive stuff incorporated, such as fume hoods, thermal analysis instrument, headspace injector, purge and trap, etc., definitely buy these things alone is an indicator. There is also a way of thinking is: "In addition to buying equipment, I can buy?" My advice is, you can also buy a way that is more difficult for some of the more complex and new methods of new projects, the contract can be written directly the other side of the new instrument set up. General Instrument Corporation in addition to sales engineering engineers, installation engineers, there are application engineers, just their potential for em. I first do in 8 years ago bought a 1100, I put 17 amino acids in the liquid phase analytical methods written in the contract, turned out this is definitely a smart investment, even if the application is a professional engineer spent a lot of time, have experienced many twists and turns, first found a few agents not to re-shipment, in some of the information found on the machine in question Shiyou further adjustment, these problems are not exposed to this instrument, which project novice, do not know how long it takes to run into a wall, and does not necessarily have that much time, often to buy reference materials began to get lost out. Since the eating of this sweetness, I packed way to develop a good habit. Then there is a difficulty: how much budget reported to be good? Buy so many things, each one is money, and less fear of not enough funds, the overall reported high fear of being rejected above it not wrong to buy things they can not be reconciled themselves to buy less. Although the budget is only a small string of white paper on the Arabic numerals, but it is the hardest work of the entire purchase of the difficulties is the most sensitive place, will detail later. Buy equipment, as places are limited, so be sure to make good use of all channels can buy the equipment, the general import of chromatography are not less than 10 million, only the tender, while the GC14 is more than 80,000 to use the name of a small device buy, does not account for valuable indicators.