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Shandong Gold Pu chromatography description of the instruments
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Chromatography (Chromatography) The term originally described in 1903 by Soviet chemists MikhallTswett column plaster into the separation of chlorophyll. Meaning of the pillars in the colorless color appeared on the band. Modern means covers all based on samples in mobile phase (gas or supercritical) and in a stationary phase (liquid or solid) derived from the separation between the distribution of the technology. Chromatography is a separation process, a build in the absorption, distribution, ion exchange, affinity and molecular size and other basic separation process. He took advantage of the different components in the relative motion between the two different phases, including a relatively stationary phase as the stationary phase, and another relative motion of the phase as the mobile phase, the use of adsorption capacity, distribution coefficient, ion exchange capacity, affinity, or molecular size and other properties of the small difference, after a row several times in the two phases, mass exchange, so that the different components are separated. Chromatography as an analytical testing method, low molecular weight can be used to determine the constants or trace gases, but also the millions of molecular separation and detection of natural or synthetic materials; separable properties are very close to the isotopes, isomers, spatial differences isomers, spin isomers or optical isomers of enantiomeric also widely used for a number of biologically active macromolecules or substances, such as peptides, nucleic acid, protein and determination of ions, it has become organic and some inorganic separation and determination of the important means of petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, medicine, biochemistry and other departments in the research and production separation and detection an indispensable tool. The importance of chromatographic properties of the first is that it is very close to the separation and determination of the material as possible. This is what modern chemistry, biology and other research and development of an extremely important and indispensable means of separation.