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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments China the development of the 2010 Annual Meeting
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Science Instrument Development 2010 Annual Meeting (ACCSI 2010) on April 9, 2010 opened in Beijing, the annual meeting by the China Instrument Industry Association, China Branch of Instrument and Control Society of the instruments, apparatus, co-sponsored information network, China Association of analysis and testing, annual meeting of the scientific instruments industry in 2009 in China the development of a comprehensive inventory and analysis, and depth of the spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry and other industries of the new technology, new hot spot.

The annual meeting invitation to the development of various scientific instruments industry representative who is responsible for leading enterprises at home and abroad to expand the field in the form of direct dialogue Forum, Shimadzu Corporation, Analytical Instruments Division, Minister Wen-Yu Liou, attended the forum. Minister Wen-Yu Liou, "M", "localization" and "2010" three topics published his wonderful speech, analysis of mergers and acquisitions to become China's important scientific instruments shortcut to business development to explain the deepening of Shimadzu localization in China strategy and localization of scientific equipment to China to bring an important influence. Wen-Yu Liou Minister of "comprehensive solution" summed up the Shimadzu 2009, Shimadzu and 2010 in geology and mineral resources, food security, agriculture, environmental protection and development of pharmaceutical and other industries to do a thorough analysis.

Annual meeting of the organizers also invited from research institutes, domestic and foreign equipment companies, senior technical experts for the first time launched a tripartite dialogue, Shimadzu analytical instruments market, Cao Lei, Minister participated in the chromatographic forum on the latest progress of chromatography, hot applications and other issues with the parties conducted in-depth discussion. Cao Lei of Ministers considers that the recent hot areas of gas chromatography is still the conventional gas chromatograph, which is widely used in food, medicine, environmental protection, petrochemical industry, is pursuing the development of chromatographic detection of faster speed, higher sensitivity of the separation, but also good detection. Meanwhile, Shimadzu hope and the majority of domestic counterparts learn from each other, and work together usher in the spring of scientific instruments in China.

In 2010, the development of scientific instruments in China will have selected the "best new product of scientific instruments in 2009" for the awards, and released the "2009 Top Ten most attention, and ten equipment manufacturers." Shimadzu AA-7000 atomic absorption spectrophotometer, EPMA-1720 electron microprobe to obtain Shimadzu Scientific Instruments 2009 best new product, UV-3600 UV? Visible? Near-infrared spectrometer, LC-20A high performance liquid chromatography Prominence for the 2009 top ten most attention of foreign equipment, while the 2009 Shimadzu Corporation, the most talked about top ten equipment manufacturers abroad.